10 Unique Gifts for a Child Who Loves LEGO Minifigures

Unique LEGO Minifigure Gifts

Kids love LEGO minifigures. Some kids that I know buy LEGO sets or books just for a coveted minifigure. With Christmas just around the corner, here are 10 helpful gifts to buy for a kid (or kid-at-heart) who is obsessed with minifigures.

1. Actual minifigures

  • Older minifigures 
    The prices on minifigures greatly vary, but savvy shoppers can find great deals. It is definitely best to know exactly what you are looking for before you start shopping. If your child only wants minifigures from an older movie like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, your best bet is checking Ebay or Brick Owl. Just do a search for “(insert character) minifigure” and you possibly find amazing deals on both sites.
  • Knock-offs
    Be sure to read all the fine print and reviews when shopping on Ebay and Amazon! There are many sellers who sell knock-offs that look exactly like real LEGO minifigures. Some are very good quality, others are not. If you do not mind a non-LEGO brand, you can usually find huge deals, like this set on Amazon – an 8 piece Star Wars collection for less than $8. Or this set of 8 superheroes for less than $8.
  • Mystery Bags 
    My son used to love the excitement of the mystery packs, but after a while, the excitement wore off and we stopped buying them and turned to Ebay instead. Unopened mystery packs can be found at Walmart, LEGO.com, Ebay, and Amazon. Opened mystery pack minifigures can be found on Ebay and Amazon. Here is a list of every mystery pack minifigure ever made.
  • Minifigure Collections 
    LEGO sells two wonderful collections of non-licensed minifigures (meaning the characters are not from movies or shows.) These are the Community Minifigures Set, which has characters like doctors, mechanics, police officers, and farmers, and the Fairytale and Historic Minifigures Set, which has characters like mermaids, pirates, kings, queens, and wizards.


2. Individual LEGO minifigure pieces


Lego.com has a section called Pick-a-Brick, where you can purchase individual LEGO pieces. Heads are only 25-cents, torsos are 80-cents, and legs are 45-cents. This is a great way to stock up on general parts.


3. LEGO: I Love That Minifigure : a book by DK Publishing

Hardcover book with exclusive minifigure $10.65 at Amazon


Have you ever wondered which LEGO® minifigure had the first double-sided head? Or which one was the first to have a printed torso or peg leg? Discover all the answers to these questions and more in DK’s I Love That Minifigure! Meet more than 200 amazing LEGO minifigures and find out what makes each one special. With stunning images and informative annotations, this encyclopedia features the most unique minifigures in amazing detail — all accompanied by fascinating facts and trivia that bring them to life.  Perfect for LEGO fans and collectors of all ages, I Love That Minifigure! is the official guide to the rarest and most desirable minifigures, and also comes with its own exclusive minifigure.


4. LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History : a book by DK Publishing

Hardcover book with THREE minifigures $22.10 at Amazon


LEGO® Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History shows the evolution of this classic toy for the first time ever, with exquisite photography and fascinating facts about each and every minifigure included. Featuring more than 2,000 of the most significant, popular, and rare minifigures, this engaging reference guide explores minifigures chronologically by theme. Fans will learn little-known facts about their favorite minifigures in this first-ever publishing of the evolution of the famous LEGO minifigure. Includes 3 iconic minifigures!


5. The LEGO Movie

The DVD is $11.75 at Amazon

LEGO Movie

One of the greatest animated movies ever made! An ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied ‘Special’, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis. Features beloved characters like Batman, Gandalf, Shakespeare, and even Abraham Lincoln.


6. LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia : a book by DK Publishing

Hardcover book $13.67 at Amazon

The updated and expanded ultimate guide to the minifigures of the LEGO® Star Wars® galaxy DK’s LEGO® Star Wars® Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded now includes many more new LEGO Star Wars minifigures! Discover incredible LEGO Star Wars facts, such as which minifigure is the rarest and which can be found in the most LEGO sets. This updated and expanded edition contains 72 additional pages of new minifigures and includes an exclusive minifigure to add to your collection.


7. LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World : a book by DK Publishing

Hardcover book with minifigure From $4.44 at Amazon

LEGO Harry Potter

Expecto patronum! Meet the magical minifigures of the LEGO® Harry Potter™ world in DK’s latest addition to our new series, LEGO® Harry Potter™: The Characters of the Magical World! From the multiple variations of Harry and Ron to the unique characteristics of Snape and Voldemort, readers can learn about each minifigure and the magical sets they star in while learning fun and interesting LEGO Harry Potter facts! In-depth profiles alongside dynamic photography will help you to increase your LEGO Harry Potter knowledge and perhaps encourage young readers to conjure up a few spells of their own! Includes an EXCLUSIVE minifigure!


8. LEGO Minifigures: Character Encyclopedia : a book by DK Publishing

Hardcover book with minifigure $13.96 at Amazon

Includes an exclusive minifigure! From the Musketeer to the Minotaur, the LEGO® Minifigures world features a diverse cast of minifigures inspired by history, movies, myth, sports, and everyday life. With the LEGO® Minifigures: Character Encyclopedia, readers will get to know all of the fun and fantastic minifigures from Series 1 through 10. LEGO Minifigures collectors and fans alike will love this guide showcasing each and every LEGO Minifigures character available, allowing them to see exactly which minifigures they still need to complete their collections. LEGO Minifigures are only bought in blind packs; this book will be a definitive list of every LEGO Minifigures character available!


9. Minifigure Molds

Various sizes from $6.00 at Amazon


These silicone molds can be used to make ice cubes, chocolate, gummies, jello, crayons, clay figures, salt dough figures, and more! It is best to buy two of them: one for edibles and one for non-edibles.


10. Minifigures Online Game

Enter an online world for LEGO fans of all ages, where you get to collect and build your very own team of Minifigures and go on exciting adventures together! Collect and assemble your very own team of Minifigures and discover their unique abilities and personalities! Explore colorful locations such as Pirate World, Medieval World and Space World full of wonder and excitement!

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