Ultimate and Inexpensive Minecraft Birthday Party Gift Bags

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

My son turned 12 a couple of months ago. My baby is one step closer to being a teenager. Since Minecraft is the thing among boys his age, selecting a theme for this year’s party was easy. We always host birthday parties at a local entertainment center/restaurant. It is basically a giant arcade that serves awesome food. Think a classy Chuck E. Cheese for big kids and adults. They supply everything, so I never need to decorate, bake, cook, or clean up.

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

So the only thing I ever need to do for parties is the gift bag. I try to do my best to make sure my son’s friends go home happy, without breaking the bank over goodies for 12 kids.

Total cost: $5.15 per gift bag

What you’ll need:

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step one: the Minecraft cube invitations

Cost: practically nothing since all that is needed is card stock and a printer.

These cubes are all over Etsy and Ebay. You can purchase them already personalized and ready to print. I found a free printable cube and made my own. My Silhouette Cameo has a print and cut feature so I didn’t even have to cut them out by hand.  I am going to probably irritate some sellers out there, but I am going to give you mine for free, to download, edit and print on your own.

You will need to use a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Paint to edit the image and add your own text.

Download blank Minecraft cube invitation (jpg)

Download blank Minecraft cube invitation (Photoshop file)

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step two: Minecraft Creeper t-shirts

Cost: $3.89 per shirt

I am a huge fan of DIY t-shirts and am pretty much obsessed with making them. I purchased the shirts from Blank Apparel for only $2.70 each.  These are not junk either, they are soft yet durable. The black Creeper face is iron on heat transfer material, purchased from Amazon. It averages out to $1.19 per shirt for the material.

Each boy wore his Creeper shirt around the arcade. The bright green made it VERY easy to keep track of them.

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step three: Minecraft Creeper cups

Cost: 43-cents per cup

These cups came from the dollar store. They are nice sturdy plastic in the perfect creeper green. A pack of 3 cups was only $1. I heart our local dollar store. The black Creeper face and the name on the opposite side is sticky vinyl. Each cup used only 10-cents in material.

Check out these other Minecraft party supplies.

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step four: Minecraft chocolate bars

Cost: 33-cents per candy bar

Hershey bars were only 3/$1.00 at Meijer. I tried my best to find Minecraft characters online that resembled my son’s friends. That brown-haired Jonathan is Renee’s son and Trevor belongs to Colleen. I printed the characters out on regular paper to fit around a Hershey bar.

Download printable Minecraft Candy Bar Wrappers

You can edit the images to include names, or write them on after printing.

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step five: Minecraft TNT bunches

Cost: 25-cents per bundle

The Twizzlers were $1 per bag at the dollar store. Each bag contained enough Twizzlers to make 4 TNT bundles.

Download printable TNT label

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Step six: Minecraft Creeper bags – a place to store everything

Cost: 25-cents per bag

The bags were also purchased at the dollar store and I thought that it was a miracle that I found so many items in Creeper green. The faces were simply black paper, glued onto the bag. The Silhouette Cameo makes things so easy.

Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

Total cost: $5.15 per gift bag


Easy and Inexpensive Minecraft Party Gift Bags - $5.15 per bag!

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    What color and brand is the t-shirt? In the web page there are different brands and colors, and I know is very diffrent from what I see in the monitor, than what it really looks like. The Gildan brand has Electric Green and Irish Green, I think it can be one of them. Thank you!

  2. Missy

    Thanks for the minecraft invitation template. I was able to shrink it a little to get 2 invitations per page and I found it easiest to use a hot glue gun to make the cubes. They turned out awesome.

  3. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for the free downloads! I got a Sil Cameo back in October and it’s the BEST gift ever (other than my son)! My son wants a Minecraft party this year so this helps so much. I can’t wait to make things… now if I could just get past the wanting to put vinyl on everything. 😉

  4. Holly

    Love the t-shirts….would make a great treat for the goody bag! Are you interested in making some for my son’s birthday? How much would you charge?

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas 🙂

  5. Oleta Krum

    I love the tshirts! Any chance you could make them for me ?!?!??? I have zero creativity or patience, and would go crazy if they didn’t turn out perfectly! I would love to buy them from you!


  6. Sharon

    Great party printables! Where did you get the characters for the candy bar wrappers? I am looking for a minecraft “girl” to download onto the template. Thank you!

    • Cindy

      Hi I love the shirts! I’m having a minecraft birthday party for my son and would like to have shirts as you had. It’s such great idea. How much would you charge to make & ship? I’m so pressed for time but would like to try get these for gifts bags.

  7. Stacy

    Thank you for the invitation printable and instructions. It gave me enough to figure it out without paying for the design. I know that sounds terrible but I am a SAHM on a tight budget for my almost 7 year olds birthday party and you helped me so much by giving me the confidence and enough instruction to do it myself! Thank you soooo much!

  8. Luci Ames

    Thanks so much for this post!!! I just had my son’s 8th birthday party with a few friends of his at the local laser tag place and having them wear the same colored shirts is a great way to keep track of them; I used my Cricut to cut the image of the creeper face for the iron on. I put the creeper face also on green water bottles and used your template for the TNT and the kids loved it! Thanks!

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