Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography. Be sure to check out other Ultimate Guides, including Inexpensive Art Projects, Science for the Frightened Mom, Healthy Marriage, Living Books Based Curricula and much much more…almost 40 total!

Helps for Homeschooling

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

credit: Jimmie’s Collage

Crafts and Projects for Kids

Using Salt Dough for Geography

Projects and Crafts for Mom and Dad

credit: Hodge Podge

Family Activities

  • Letterboxing: a treasure hunting outdoor quest for the whole family
  • Geocaching: a modern version of letterboxing, using a GPS
  • Factory Tours: a state by state listing of factories around the country that offer tours
  • Field Trips: a state by state listing of museums, zoos, historical places, nature centers, and other educational facilities
  • National Register of Historic Places: great for field trips
  • Geography Fair: a behind-the-scenes look at hosting a geography fair with your co-op or group of friends
  • Flat Traveling: a very fun geography adventure based on the children’s book Flat Stanley.

Using Flat Traveling to Teach Geography

United States




Free Printables

Culture Around the World

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

Free Outline Maps


Historical Maps

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Geography

Miscellaneous Fun

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  2. Stephanie H.

    As a new homeschool mom this coming school year, I really do appreciate all the hard work that went into this post. I am a teacher by trade, but when it comes to educating your own children, there is a vast amount of responsibility (especially in choosing curriculum) that doesn’t exist in regular classroom teaching. Thanks so much for taking the time to bring this all together!

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