The Ultimate Doctor Who Party

With the new season of our favorite show, Doctor Who, coming out in just 6 weeks, we are preparing by making sure that everyone who is interested has viewed the 50th anniversary special and the very sad season 7 finale when Doctor 11 regenerated into Doctor 12.  I am such a nerd, so I make sure that these viewing events are spectacular.

We start off with a large spread of Doctor Who themed food.

Doctor Who party food

Front Left

  • 3 Vashta Nerada detection kits, aka lettuce and a chicken drumstick (episode: Silence in the Library)

Glass Platter

  • Bacon (episode: The Eleventh Hour)
  • Lady Cassandra, made from a tortilla (episode: The End of the World)
  • Adipose, made from marshmallows (episode: Partners in Crime)

Green Plate

  • Bread and butter (episode: The Eleventh Hour)

Back Left

Green Tray

  • apples (episode: The Eleventh Hour)
  • celery (as worn by Doctor 5)
  • bananas (episodes: several)

White Tray

  • Fezzes – really Rolos (as worn by Doctor 11)
  • Jelly babies (episodes: several)
  • Nerds
  • Jammie Dodgers (episodes: several)

Red Tray

  • Fish fingers and custard (episode: The Eleventh Hour)

Back Right

  • Beans (episode: The Eleventh Hour)
  • Bowtie pasta (for Doctor 11)

I chose not to decorate a lot, but could not resist these two enormous cardboard cut-outs from Oriental Trading.

6' Cyberman and TARDIS from Oriental Trading. Only $35 each.

Oriental Trading sent me these two at no cost. I was not compensated in any way to mention their products, but I definitely want to rave on the quality of these giant cut-outs.  They have a variety of these for only $35 each and they are SO easy to put together.

They arrive in a thick, flat cardboard box, folded into several pieces like below.



You simply punch out the shape and throw away the excess cardboard from around the edges.  Both the Cyberman and TARDIS have stands that hold them up securely. There are several interlocking pieces that you just fold down and hook together. Below is a close up of the back of the TARDIS and its stand.

The Cyberman is SO realistic and my son has taken to moving it around the house to try to scare me.


DIY Doctor Who t-shirts

Everyone gets a t-shirt. Here are 3 of the some of the choices I offer. The sonic screwdriver stencil came from Doodle Craft. The other two I put together myself.

All of the rest of the items I made to put into a gift bag to send home with the guests. I love making special gift bags for my son and his friends. Like this Minecraft gift bag.

Doctor Who Companion Survival Kit

Above: the companion survival kit. Everything fit nicely into a small pencil case from Dollar Tree.

Doctor Who Companion Survival Kit

Above: all of the items spread out.

  • salt
  • pepper
  • 3 types of sugar
  • a 5-pound British note (fake of course)
  • 3 types of tea – Earl Gray, English Breakfast, and English Teatime
  • first aid supplies – burn cream, band-aid, sting relief pad, antiseptic wipe
  • cough drop
  • chapstick
  • jacks and marbles (you never know when you’ll need toys!)
  • map of England
  • map of the TARDIS
  • mini blue sharpie
  • nail file
  • screw
  • safety pin
  • nail clippers
  • pain reliever
  • a small jar of gold flakes (Cybermen hate gold)

Doctor Who | River Song DIY tiny diary

These tiny journals are only 3/$1 at the dollar store.  I shrunk down this image from the BBC before printed and then glued it over the cover.

Doctor Who Chocolate

TARDIS and Dalek chocolate, placed into a cellophane bag that reminded me of the circles on the inside TARDIS walls.

Doctor Who Candy

More candy of course!! Jelly babies, gummy bears, and Smarties.

DIY No-Sew Doctor Who bow tie

I absolutely cannot sew. I made these bow ties with a red handkerchief and a hot glue gun. For real! You can make 8 from one handkerchief.

Doctor Who cup and bowl set

Matching cup and bowl set. There are 3 different vinyl images on each cup.

Plaster Doctor Who figures

TARDIS and Dalek figures made from plaster.  You could pre-paint them for your guests or leave them out for the guests to paint themselves. That white TARDIS above is actually painted with glow-in-the-dark paint.

Doctor Who gift bag

Final bag. Guest’s name in Galligreyan printed on the front, TARDIS on the back

Thank you again to Oriental Trading for the free product and for helping to make my party even more fantastic.

*Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links.


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