The Polar Vortex in Ohio

When the famous polar vortex hit in January, I had just received a brand new Mazda CX-5 to test drive for an entire week.

You know, normally snow and terrible roads are not a big deal to us Ohioans, because most of us are trained at age 16 to drive in it. By training, I mean an older sibling or parent will take you out into a very empty and very icy parking lot and encourage you to do donuts until you can safely handle the car. We have experience, we have tons of salt, and tons of snow plows. Should have been no big deal.


My backyard looked like Narnia.

However, this continual polar vortex was even a shock to us Ohioans. While I’d love to be able to make fun of my southern friends who stayed inside when they saw one snowflake fall, I cannot. I hid inside too. Plus, they’d turn around and make fun of me for crying and complaining when the temperature goes above 75-degrees.


The gorgeous, shiny, decked out, luxurious Mazda CX-5 sat in my driveway for days because, even in Ohio with our salt, snowplows and experience, it was still too dangerous to drive.

Finally, I braved the snow to take advantage of the AWD. Within 5 minutes I was convinced that this was my next car. All northerners who need to drive in snow on a regular basis need this vehicle! AWD is All-Wheel Drive. It is a system that, unlike 4-wheel drive, is on all the time, so there is no need to shift into it. The traction of this vehicle is amazing.  At first I was nervous, because although I do have experience driving a car in the snow, I had no experience driving an SUV in the snow. But, the AWD gave me tremendous control over the vehicle.


Add in the heated seats and it was bliss.


And if things couldn’t get any better, they did. I looked down and saw this funny little button. Is that heat coming off the steering wheel?


Why yes it is!! A heated steering wheel. This car was made for me.


What a beautiful vehicle for beautiful snowy weather.

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