Ten Math Books for Under $10

Ten Math Books for Under $10

We all know that math is important. What better way to get your child interested in math than to give him something interesting to read. This is not a compilation of math curriculum or workbooks, these are unique, fascinating, suck-you-in, math story books. I own, or have read, and can vouch for every book on this list.

I hope these suggestions will be helpful to many of you, especially because nothing is over $9.99.  As Amazon’s prices change frequently, be sure to verify each price before purchasing.

Ten Math Books for Under $10

1. The Sir Circumference series

A fun series of math books set in the time of King Arthur. The books are: Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, Sir Cumference and the Sword in the Cone, Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland, Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter, Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens.

Available for unlimited reading at Scrib | Amazon print $6.99 per book

Ten Math Books for Under $10

2. Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks

These simple math secrets and tricks will forever change how you look at the world of numbers. Secrets of Mental Math will have you thinking like a math genius in no time. Get ready to amaze your friends—and yourself—with incredible calculations you never thought you could master, as renowned “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin shares his techniques for lightning-quick calculations and amazing number tricks. This book will teach you to do math in your head faster than you ever thought possible, dramatically improve your memory for numbers, and—maybe for the first time—make mathematics fun.

Amazon print $9.86


3. Why Pi? (Big Questions)

This entertaining follow-up to DK’s popular Go Figure!, Why Pi? presents even more mind-bending ways to think about numbers. This time, author Johnny Ball focuses on how people have used numbers to measure things through the ages, from the ways the ancient Egyptians measured the pyramids to how modern scientists measure time and space.

Amazon print $7.49


4. Help Your Kids with Math: A visual problem solver for kids and parents

Studying math is often a source of great anxiety for children and teenagers. It also proves troublesome for parents, as many are reminded of their own struggles with the subject and feel lost when trying to tackle it again years later. Help Your Kids with Math is designed to reduce the stress of studying math for both children and adults.

Amazon Kindle $9.99

Ten Math Books for Under $10

5. Basher: Algebra and Geometry

The best-selling author of Math and Punctuation now turns his attention to the fun and funky characters in Geometry and Algebra. Meet Polygon and Plane, Reflection and Rotation, Odd Number and his buddy Even Number and the three amigos Sine, Cosine and Tangent. Discover the secrets of their world and how they like to throw their numbers about. Bringing his charming manga-style artwork and tongue-and-cheek approach to explaining the basics, Basher brings a whole new spin to the world of higher math.

Amazon print $8.89


6. Basher Basics: Math: A Book You Can Count On

Basher Basics: Math, A Book You Can Count On created and illustrated by Simon Basher: Meet Zero, a bubbly fellow who will dissolve you to nothing, and say hello to the all-action Units, who just love to measure. Get a load of greedy Multiply, a big guy who hoards numbers together, and stand amazed by mysterious Pi, who goes on and on and on . . . to Infinity! Multiply your number know-how with Basher’s unique one-stop guide to the building blocks of mathematics. Packed with top tips and memorable characters, this is an essential book for students ages 8 and up.

Amazon print $7.99


7. How to Be a Math Genius

In this clever guide, young readers previously daunted by algebra, logic, algorithms, and all things math will discover they are better at it than they thought. How to be a Math Genius explores the math brain and demonstrates to readers that they use math skills all the time — they just don’t know it yet. Packed with math activities and puzzles, compelling stories of math geniuses, math facts and stats, and more, How to be a Math Genius makes the dreaded subject of math both engaging and relevant.

Amazon print $9.99

Ten Math Books for Under $10

8. Math Dictionary for Kids: The Essential Guide to Math Terms, Strategies, and Tables

Equipped with this handy, updated reference of more than 400 full-color, illustrated definitions, children will be able to quickly find the definitions and illustrated examples that will enable them to solve many of the math challenges they face. Covering everything from “addend” to “zero,” the fourth edition of the best-selling Math Dictionary for Kids gives students in grades 4–9 definitions, illustrations, and examples that can help them solve math problems. This handbook includes illustrated, concise explanations of the most common terms used in general math classes, categorized by subjects that include measurement, algebra, geometry, fractions and decimals, statistics and probability, and problem solving.

Amazon print $9.50


9. One Minute Mysteries: 65 Short Mysteries You Solve With Math!

These fun mysteries are each one minute long and have a unique twist—you need to tap into your mathematical wisdom to solve them.

Amazon Kindle $5.99


10. The Math Inspectors

When the Claymore Diamond is stolen from Ravensburg’s finest jewelry store, Stanley Carusoe gets the bright idea that he and his friends should start a detective agency. Armed with curiosity and their love for math, Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix race around town in an attempt to solve the mystery. Along the way, they butt heads with an ambitious police chief, uncover dark secrets, and drink lots of milkshakes at Mabel’s Diner. But when their backs are against the wall, Stanley and his friends rely on the one thing they know best: numbers. Because numbers, they never lie. Join Stanley and his friends in this smart and funny first mystery in The Math Inspector series.

Amazon print $8.99 | Read for free with Amazon Prime

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