Superhero Books for Father’s Day

I love DK books and I love that as a blogger, I get to have a relationship with such a fabulous company. They have something for everyone, especially superhero dads, like my husband. We have a large collection of fan culture encyclopedia type books, which he and our son love pouring over together. The latest in our collection is The DC Comics Encyclopedia.


With 400 pages of superhero character bios, this book’s width is almost as tall as a minifigure.


Beginning with Abra Kadabra (a character I had never heard of until this book arrived) and ending with Zoom, this book is a unique encyclopedia of more than 1,000 characters created by DC Comics. It is exactly what every DC fan needs.


I took it one step further and made some DC bookmarks to go with our new DC book.  These bookmarks were made using the stunning images created by Calvin Lin. I fell in love with his style the minute I saw his work online. I placed character quotes on the back of each bookmark. You can also download a set of Marvel bookmarks that I made last year.  Be sure to visit Calvin’s store to order large printed pieces of the artwork.  How cool would it be to have these framed on your wall!

Be sure to laminate your bookmarks to keep them in good shape.  In case you do not already have one, this laminator is the best one out there and is only $33 at Amazon. I purchase these laminating sheets to use with the machine.

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