25 STEM Projects for Independence Day

25 STEM Projects for Independence Day

I’ve scoured the web and Pinterest looking for the best of best in terms of science, technology, engineering and math activities and lessons for Independence Day. Here are my top 25 favorites.

Math: Independence Day Math and Logic Puzzles

This free printable download contains 2 logic grids and 4 Sudoku puzzles. Solutions for all 6 puzzles are included too.

Math: of July I Spy Game

This is an adorable I Spy printable with a patriotic theme of stars, fireworks, and more.

Math: 160+ Fourth of July Printable Math Worksheets

A big collection of patriotic themed free math printable worksheets for kids in preschool to kindergarten to Grade 5.

Math: 4th of July Color by Number Math

I have always loved color by number sheets. Add in math and I would have been a very happy kid! These addition, color by number worksheets are meant for kindergarten to grade 1.

Engineering: Independence Day Building Structures

Celebrate with red, white, and blue structures for an engineering challenge. All you need are themed or colored straws and play dough.

Engineering: Confetti Fireworks

This fun engineering activity shows kids how to build a firework from a push-pop tube, straws, and other common household items.

Engineering: LEGO American Flag

How to build a simple American flag using LEGO bricks. Here are two versions: flat and upright.

Engineering: Patriotic DIY Zoetrope

Zoetropes are simple devices that pre-date film animation. The viewer looks through the slits in a spinning cylinder and sees an animated image. This zoetrope (made with simple household items) takes on a patriotic theme with an animated image of a flag inside.

Technology: How the Declaration of Independence is Kept Safe

This article explores the space age technology behind the preservation of America’s most important documents.

Technology: Make a PC Controlled Fireworks Launcher

This project is definitely for teens and adults. You’ll need experience with Arduino, coding, wiring.

Technology: 4th of July Fireworks App

Read about the specially designed technology that the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks event uses to integrate smartphones into their spectacular display. 

Technology: Pyrotechnics

Learn about the computers, wires, and microchips that are needed to put on a large fireworks display.

Science: Baking Soda Rockets

This activity looks like a blast, literally! They celebrated Independence Day in a loud, booming way with vinegar and baking soda rockets.

Science: Rocket Flyer

A super easy rocket to make. It is propelled by a rubber band! You only need 6 materials: a pen, paper, streamers, tape, E6000 glue, and a large rubber band.

Science: What makes fireworks colorful?

A gorgeous infographic with photos of the chemicals that make each color.

Science: The Science Behind Fireworks

An article from celebrity scientist Steve Spangler on exactly how brilliant colors and designs are produced.

Science: The Chemistry of Fireworks

Another nice visual and explanation of the chemical components behind fireworks.

Science: Patriotic Paint Bombs

Learn about chemical reactions in this highly visual STEM activity for kids using vinegar and baking soda to create patriotic paint bombs.

Science: Fireworks in a Jar

For this activity, all you need is a jar, oil, warm water, and food coloring.

Science: Patriotic Flowers

How to dye flowers with two colors (or even more!). This simple science experiment is fun for kids and also results in some interesting flower bouquets!

Science: Firework Salt Painting

This is an art project that uses salt, glue, and paint. I believe that anything using salt can be turned into a science project, simply by introducing the science of salt. Looking at the tiny grains of salt under a microscope can kickstart a kid’s interest in chemistry.

Science: Layered Drinks

A layered Fourth of July drink will teach your kids a bit about science and the properties of solutions and densities. The most dense (drinks with the most sugar) go on the bottom, then you add a lighter drink on top, layer by layer. Here are two versions (one and two), which are slightly different from each other.

Science: July 4th Slime

How to make red, white, and blue slime in 5 minutes or less, using glue, liquid starch, confetti, and other common household materials.

Science: Patriotic Ice Melt

Science: Fizzy Frozen Stars

Try these frozen stars for a fun sensory science summer activity! Melt frozen stars and watch them fizz and bubble with baking soda science play for kids.

Science: Mint Fireworks

These show stopping mint fireworks take just a minute to prep and are guaranteed to entertain little scientists over and over again.

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