Star Wars O-H-I-O

Framed Star Wars O-H-I-O, made with vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo. Go Buckeyes!

I made this for my husband.

Even if you do not live in Ohio, I am sure you are a Buckeye fan, right? Who isn’t a Buckeye fan? And since you are obviously a Buckeye fan, you probably know all about our famous O-H-I-O cheer.  Even President Obama knows the cheer!

While I positively, absolutely love my state…I just sort of like Star Wars.  I am way more of a Star Trek fan. However, since I live with two die-hard Star Wars fans, it is everywhere. My living room is home to these 3-feet tall things.  I was tired of looking at them after only a day.


I don’t really like them, but fun little displays like this make a house a home.  Or like a giant playroom.

Framed Star Wars OHIO, made with vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo. Go Buckeyes!

Star Wars : Would You Rather?

a booklet full of fun Star Wars themed questions for kids

We found a perfect 36″ wide frame at Hobby Lobby.  Next, I found very clean-cut, simple images online that looked like an O (the Death Star), H (a TIE fighter), I (light saber), and another O (Jedi Order symbol). I opened the images with the Silhouette Cameo and after creating cut files, I cut them out using red, gray and black vinyl.

My husband absolutely loves it. I have started to work on a Doctor Who version, but am not quite happy with it yet.

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