10 ways to feel like you are living on the Star Trek Enterprise

If you have ever wanted to join Starfleet and travel the stars, you can help your dreams become a bit more real with these 10 creative ways to make you feel like you are living on the Star Trek Enterprise.

Want to join Starfleet & travel the stars? Help your dreams become a bit more real with 10 ways to feel like you are living on the Star Trek Enterprise.

Spock and Kirk action figures photo credit JD Hancock, Flickr 

1. Sleep like a crew member

2. Relax and have fun like a crew member

  • Pretend you are in the Holodeck with a pair of Virtual Reality Googles that can be used with your cell phone. You can get a pretty decent pair for under $30.
  • Play tri-dimensional chess just like Kirk and Spock love to play.

3. Communicate like a member of Starfleet

4. Join Starfleet Academy

  • Starfleet Academy is the education branch of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.From their website: We offer a wide variety of courses ranging from testing trivial knowledge of the Star Trek universe to expanding general knowledge about the world around us. SFA’s curriculum has been designed to be offered exclusively to the members of STARFLEET. While the courses we offer are not recognized as a formal education by any established institute of higher learning, they are a fun way to pass the time and to learn something new every day.An individual can join for only $5 and there are family discounts as well.

5. Learn to speak Klingon

You can become a member of the official Klingon Language Institute. Membership is only $10 per year and gives you access to the KLCP course, ebooks, and magazines.

Educate your kids or students with Ten Ways to Teach With Star Trek or 100 Ways to Teach With Science Fiction


6. Dress up like a crew member

7. Protect yourself like a crew member

8. Cook like a crew member

9. Study up on your history

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Make your own Borg Cube Bookmark

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10. Of course you need a pet Tribble

You can buy one on Amazon or make your own. Here is a tutorial and a video.



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