The Sneakiest Mother’s Day Surprise Ever

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The Sneakiest Mother's Day Surprise Ever

My mom is a major giver. Her love language is gifts. This is an unfortunate thing sometimes, because it means she is an exceptional gift giver who puts months of thought (and a lot of money) into her presents.

It is so hard to compete with the perfect gift giver! She absolutely loves big bunches of flowers and she treasures her greeting cards so much that she saves them in a special box. But, if I give her flowers and a card, she’ll end up presenting me with a bigger bunch of flowers and two cards. She always knows what is coming and one-ups the gift giver.

Last year for Mother’s Day, I FINALLY one-upped her and I’d love a chance to share this idea with you.

Here is what you do…

STEP 1. Collect lots and lots of decorations…greeting cards, balloons, streamers, gift bags, flowers, anything you fancy.

The Sneakiest Mother's Day Surprise Ever

STEP 2. Sneakily figure out what time your mom usually goes to bed on Saturday night. (Mother’s Day is always a Sunday.)

STEP 3. The night before Mother’s Day, after you are sure your mom is sound asleep, go to her house and decorate! Get creative and decorate everything you see!

  • Her front and/or back doors should be pretty easy, as you can just leave flowers, weighted balloons, and gifts on her patio or deck.
  • You can also tape several greeting cards around her door.
  • If there are any trees in her front yard, wrap streamers and balloons around them.
  • If her front porch has any pillars, tie some streamers and balloons there too.

STEP 4 (the hardest step!) Try to be as quiet as possible and keep the giggling to a minimum. Be aware that you may have to explain yourself to a neighbor if they see you running around the yard with balloons (like we did last year!)

STEP 5. If your mom leaves her car out on the driveway, but she has an alarm, ask your dad to help with the sneakiness by leaving the car unlocked.

Your mom will awaken to a beautiful surprise on Sunday morning. This will not only make her day, but maybe even make her year!

You’ll need bright and colorful gift bags, tissue paper, and cards, so that is why American Greetings is the best choice for this sneaky project. Click this link to be taken to the Send Happy, Be Happy social hub, to see the American Greeting products you can find at Wal-Mart.

This is the American Greetings display, which you will most likely see almost immediately after walking into Wal-Mart. It will be near the front of the non-grocery side of the store. There is also a $2.00 cash back offer.

The tissue paper really makes the flowers pop and also provides some filler to keep them in place.

Simply scrunch up a piece from the center (as seen below) and insert the “stem” down into the gift bag behind the flowers.

Have fun being the sneakiest daughter or son and your mom’s new favorite child!

I’d love to hear the creative ways that you and your family celebrate Mother’s Day.

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