This Family is Prone to Shenanigans and Malarkey

This Family is Prone to Shenanigans and Malarkey

The best families are prone to all kinds of shenanigans and malarkey!

You could say that growing up I was a gullible little girl who idolized her trickster big brother. When I was little, he told me that he saw a leprechaun in our living room. I spent months looking for it, but gave up eventually, not because I no longer believed him, but because I was convinced the leprechaun had left us and moved onto another family.

His next shenanigan was to convince me that I could dig to China. The hole got pretty big and then I turned it into a Barbie swimming pool. The last time I fell for one of his tricks was when he told me that we could make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for sleeping outside in our tree. I fell asleep, but woke up an hour later to find him fast asleep in the nice warm house.

My mom has left fake rodents in my bed and fake spiders in my bathroom. Just last year, she drew a very realistic spider on the underside of my toilet paper.

I can’t even get started on the tricks my husband and son play on me. I just can’t even. Mostly because I don’t want you all to realize how gullible I still am as an adult.

Like I said, the most fun families, and definitely the most loving ones, are the ones who can get into all sorts of shenanigans and malarkey!

It’s gotta be the Irish in our blood. 

This Family is Prone to Shenanigans and Malarkey


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