Science in the Kitchen

Science in the Kitchen

The kitchen is normally the hub and the heart of the home. Families spend more time in this special room than any other room in the house. It is used for food preparation, arts and crafts, get-togethers, Bible studies, and much more. So why not add one more function?  Turn your kitchen into a science lab.

Most of us cringe at the thought of a science lab, as we are instantly taken back to a time when science labs were sterile, boring classrooms filled with goggles, beakers, microscopes and long white coats. Well, that was HIGH school, this is HOME school.

The incredible thing about science is that it isn’t all about microscopes and beakers. You do not need expensive equipment and dangerous chemicals. Just grab two apples, some lettuce, popcorn, and an onion, and let’s do some experimenting.

Have your kids ever asked you the following questions?

  • Why does an apple turn brown after you cut it?
  • Why do we have to dry foods, like fruits and pasta, to store them?
  • How does popcorn pop?
  • Why does lettuce wilt after you cut it?
  • Why do onions make people cry?

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