Why Smart Kids Still Need SAT Test Prep

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Why Smart Kids Still Need Test Prep

Just because a person is smart, does not mean they will end up with good grades. Along those lines of thinking, good homework grades do not automatically mean the student will get good test scores.

One of the many reasons a lot of parents choose to homeschool is because they don’t want their children equating intelligence or mastery with good grades.

Intelligent kids are often the ones who end up with terrible overall class grades, simply because they are not good test takers. This is especially true with timed tests. Whether it is the fact that they zone out during tests because the material is boring, or they get nervous out of fear of running out of time, or (which is often the case with my son) the material is too easy, so their brain tries to compensate their need for a challenge by over-complicating the questions. Over-complicating a question, instead of seeing the simplicity in it, can take away precious seconds on a timed test.

Tests are inevitable, even in the homeschool world. This is why even smart kids need to be taught the proper way to take a test. The SAT is probably the most important test that a homeschooler will ever take, but it is also the most difficult and most stressful. Even a straight-A student who excels at test taking may struggle with the SAT, so test prep is extremely important.

I am really glad that we found Mr. D and his SAT math prep bootcamp. Really, really, really glad.

I believe in this class so much and this is why…my son went through a super large book to prep him for this coming fall’s PSAT, he took a practice test and ended up with a pretty decent score. I was very happy. He was only sort of happy, because he is a perfectionist. Then, last month he started Mr. D’s SAT math prep bootcamp, took a practice test, and ended up greatly increasing his score to the point that he was actually happy. 

A perfectionist teen who is happy with a score…I am not sure you realize how big of a deal that is. 

Yes, you CAN help your kid increase their SAT math score with online prep

Why Smart Kids Still Need Test Prep

Why Exactly I Love Mr. D Math

I love math and always have. In my pre-mom career  I was an analyst and statistician. I love working with numbers and data. Because of that, I have always been very picky about the math curriculum I give to my son and we’ve tested out many, looking for the perfect fit.

I wish I would have learned about Mr. D and his math classes for pre-algebra to pre-calculus sooner, but I am thankful that we have been able to take advantage of the SAT bootcamp. If you want to read more about Mr. D’s online classes, check out these two reviews from my friends Alisha (geometry) and Amy (pre-algebra).

Like I mentioned above, the math bootcamp gave my son skills that he never learned from standard math curriculum. Being able to easily master math facts and equations just does not mean you will be a master math test taker.

And that is what Mr. D does. He turns teens into master test takers.

From listening to him for only a few minutes, you can tell that he has an intense love for math, teaching, and seeing his students succeed. Those are not qualities that you often find in teachers any more.

Why Smart Kids Still Need Test Prep

WHY the Bootcamp Works

  • Math becomes an easily understood language of logic.
  • Mr. D doesn’t teach his students in the bootcamp how to do math, he teaches them how to do math faster and more logically.
  • He helps them understand the questions on the SAT, using real-world language.
  • He teaches teens how to quickly deconstruct problems. 
  • With his coaching, students learn how to eliminate incorrect answers.
  • He teaches tricks and secret strategies.
  • He does not waste his students time on reviewing unnecessary formulas.
  • The class is interactive, meaning the students can “raise their hands” (activate their microphones) to ask Mr. D questions if necessary.

Why Smart Kids Still Need Test Prep

A Week in the Life of the Bootcamp

  • Day 1: We have not been attending live classes, so we are relying on the recordings. My son will watch the week’s bootcamp video, which is about 50 minutes long.
  • Day 2 and 3: He will complete the week’s homework assignment, which includes 18 – 20 problems.
  • Day 4: He will watch the explanation video. Not only does this video give the answers to the homework problems, Mr. D works out the problem on-screen and demonstrates the fastest way to achieve the answer. So even if my son got the answer right, he still watches the explanation, because he knows that he may pick up some handy tips.

Mr. D Math FAQ

  • The bootcamp is $197, which may seem like a lot for many one income homeschooling families, but $197 is just a drop in the bucket if their higher SAT score translates into a scholarship!
  • The bootcamp is entirely online.
  • There are 6 classes.
  • Sessions are live, but also recorded. You get access to both.
  • There is a portal, which looks like this:

Why Smart Kids Still Need Test Prep

  • He offers a 100% money back guarantee, which I am 100% confident you would never need.
  • Practice tests are included.
  • The bootcamp is best for students who have already taken algebra 1 and are at least enrolled in geometry.
  • Unlike a classroom, he does not call on students to share anything.

Sample of the Mr. D Math SAT Prep

Meet Dennis DiNoia, aka Mr. D

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  1. Amy, thank you for this. I did end up putting my two teens in private high schools after homeschooling through 8th grade for one 7 9th grade for the other. What I was wondering is if the cost would cover multiple students at the same time? Also, how long do you have access to the videos?

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