Refrigerator Word Magnets


This is a big kid version of the ABC magnets that most parents of preschoolers have had on their refrigerators at one time or another.

To make these, I located a list of the 100 most commonly used English words and the 3 of us brainstormed a list of about 50 common Star Trek terms and characters.

Next, add the list of words into an Excel spreadsheet and print it out onto magnet paper. Be sure to print the grid lines of the spreadsheet for easier cutting.

You can purchase printable magnet paper on Amazon or at some office supply stores. The sheets are very thin, but strong and I had no trouble cutting them with regular scissors.

Download the Star Trek word list to make your own magnets.


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  1. Jaime

    It occurs to me that you could copy and paste the text of books into something like Wordle( use it to find the most frequently used words in books to do this same thing. How fun!

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