Punchable Homemade Advent Calendar

I simply LOVE this homemade Advent calendar! You can fill the cups with a list of Advent items (see below) or chocolate or other trinkets. Each day your little one can punch through the cup to reveal what is waiting inside. I have yet to find a more perfect Advent calendar for my little boy…full of ninja moves, sweets, and Jesus…what more could you ask for?

Materials needed:

~ 25 eight-ounce styrofoam cups
~ an assortment of candy or other goodies
~ a sheet of poster board
~ a glue stick
~ a hot glue gun
~ templates (click to download)

1. Print and cut out the circles and header from the template (click to download).

2. Section off twenty-five 4″ x 4″ squares on your poster board. Five across and five down. Leave a 3″ section at the top to paste your header.

3. Fill each of the 25 cups with Advent items, chocolate, candy, or other trinkets.

4. Using a regular glue stick, attach the paper circles to the cup openings.

5. Using the hot glue gun, attach the bottom of the cups to the posterboard, using the 4″ x 4″ squares as a guide. Make sure you attach the cup to the posterboard immediately…hot glue dries very quickly.

What I did:
I sealed 3 miniature chocolates into the cup. At the end of the day he practices his TaeKwonDo moves on the cup of the day, and we eat the chocolates (one for each of us). Next I give him the Advent item to place back into the open cup as I read Scripture and explain how the item signifies the life of Jesus. It is really nice to view the rows of open cups containing items that remind us of our Lord.

Advent Items:

  1. Quarter
  2. Grape candy
  3. Smiley sticker
  4. Toy fish
  5. Birthday candle
  6. Bell
  7. Fish crackers
  8. Cotton ball
  9. Piece of a map
  10. Soap
  11. Heart sticker
  12. Cross
  13. Packet of salt
  14. Sand
  15. Flower
  16. Raisins
  17. Seeds
  18. Christmas carol
  19. Rock
  20. Crumpled foil
  21. Mustard seed
  22. Dove (toy or photo)
  23. Small scrap of woolly material
  24. Blue marble
  25. Picture of a baby

Download scripture to go along with the items above.

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