Pi Day = March 14 = 3.14

Pi Day = March 14 = 3.14

That picture above cracks me up. Gotta love what you find on Pinterest!

March 14th is Pi Day. Not Pie Day, but Pi Day. Why is Pi Day celebrated around the world on March 14th? March 14…3/14…3.14…get it?  Pretty neat huh! If you would like to learn more about Pi you should visit the official website for Pi Day at PiDay.org.

We are geeks, we celebrate Pi Day every year. I hope you will join us this year and let your inner math nerd out. Below are a handful of some fun pi ideas that we have done in the past.

  • Memorize as much as you can of the super long digit. My son got much much farther than me. I won’t even tell you how far I got. He jokes with me that I have a 30-second memory. This website lists the digits of pi up to 100,000!
  • Make Pi art. For the project below, we added scrapbook embellishments to each number in the series 3.1415926535

  • Write a Piaku: Poetry in which the number of syllables in each sentence correspond to the consecutive digits of Pi.
  • Eat pie! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pizza pie. What do you think of the “pi” pan I made last week? I etched a pi symbol onto the bottom of a regular glass pie pan.

  • Create a pi chain with loops of construction paper. Use a different color for each number. For example, you could use red for 1’s, pink for 2’s, orange for 3’s, yellow for 4’s, white for 5’s, green for 6’s, light blue for 7’s, dark blue for 8’s, purple for 9’s, brown for 10’s, black for 0’s. If you wanted to make a chain of 3.1415926535, the first 11 digits, your rainbow would be orange, red, yellow, red, white, purple, pink, green, white, orange, white.
  • Make a pi collage. Trace or draw a large pi symbol and fill in it with circles that you can cut out from magazines or catalogs. I have one of these small projectors and it comes in very handy. We use it for many many projects. You can get one at Amazon for only $40.

Don’t forget that in addition to Pi Day, March 14th is Albert Einstein’s birthday! It certainly is a day for your genius to shine through.

We made this to celebrate the brilliance of Einstein. If you would like to download the quotes we use, you can find them here.

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  1. This is adorable! I will have to tell my son, who is in 8th grade! He will love the “Pi” Day. That is awesome! Very clever and fun that you do this every year and your remember to do so.
    Thanks for enlightening us – always looking for more creative things to do with homeschooling.

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