What is Your Patronus?

My Patronus is...T-shirts and Mug

Harry Potter fans will immediately understand the meaning behind these shirts. For everyone else, let me explain. In the Harry Potter world, a patronus is sort of like a spirit that comes in a reflection of your personality. Like a guardian, it is produced when one needs protection from evil. For example, Harry Potter’s patronus took the form of a stag, his mother’s was a doe, and Professor Dumbledore’s was a Phoenix.

I saw a T-shirt online that read “My Patronus is a TARDIS” and immediately wanted to recreate it. So I casually asked my son what his patronus would be, if they were real, and he cracked me up by stating, “Chuck Norris.”

My Patronus is Chuck Norris

A few minutes later, I asked my husband, via Google Chat, what his patronus would be and he ironically said, “Bruce Lee.”

Like father like son!!! I live with two ninjas. My husband loves his shirt, but he said he wouldn’t wear it around strangers.

My Patronus is Bruce Lee

I rushed to my Silhouette and cut out these beauties with heat transfer vinyl.

Who is mine? River Song of course.

My Patronus is River Song


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