Ohio State Buckeyes Christmas Tree

Ohio State Buckeyes Christmas Tree

As I am writing this, Christmas is only 44 days away. I get really giddy over the whole month of December. Cold crisp air, holiday decorations, Christmas music, winter smells, crock pots full of soup, and dark evenings just make me so happy. You know how some people love summer and hate winter. I am a member of the (supposedly) 5% of people in America who despise summer and crave wintertime.

I already have most of my shopping done, Christmas countdown blocks are out, several of the nutcrackers are already out, and I am eagerly waiting snow. With all of my might, I am forcing myself to not bring out our Christmas trees until the day after Thanksgiving.

Doctor Who Christmas Tree with DIY ornaments   Fandom Christmas tree loaded with DIY ornaments from Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Middle Earth, and Harry Potter.  Minecraft Christmas Tree

HOWEVER, this week I made yet another themed, mini tree. This one is especially for my husband, who is a die-hard, very loyal Ohio State Buckeyes football fan. The tree is adorable and it makes me beam with pride to be a native Buckeye. I couldn’t have made such a cute (and inexpensive) without Oriental Trading.  They sent me a box of goodies that contained almost everything I needed for the Buckeye tree.

  • Football Field Backdrop Banner – This background banner is enormous and could cover an entire wall. I am using ours as a table cover/tree skirt for our Buckeye tree. You can see it in the background of my photo above. ($16.99 for 9 ft x 6 ft)

Ohio State Buckeyes Christmas Tree

  • Football Bouncing Balls – We easily turned these into ornaments by drilling a hole into the top and inserting simple brass screw-in cup hooks like these ones.  ($5.99 for 12 2-inch balls)

Ohio State Buckeyes Christmas Tree Spray-painted Football Players

  • Football Player Action Figures – Ohio State’s colors are scarlet and gray. Half of these action figures were already red and the other half were blue. I spray painted several of blue figures silver.  Instead of tying string around the figures, I simply placed them on various tree branches, bending the branches slightly to hold the figures in place.  ($8.38 for 144 2-inch plastic figures)
  • Football Christmas Ornaments – These ornaments are so adorable! Each football is wearing a Santa hat. The perfect addition to my tree. ($12.99 for 12)
  • Red and Silver Football Beaded Necklaces – These necklaces made a beautiful, shiny garland. Each bead is shaped like a football. I simply cut each necklace and draped them all over the tree. Green, orange, and purple are also available. ($5.99 for 12 33-inch necklaces.)

Ohio State Buckeyes Christmas Tree Garland

I created another garland for the tree using beads and buckeye nuts. Oriental Trading has a huge variety of beads to choose from. You can usually find buckeye nuts throughout different parks here in Ohio, but I decided to order a package of 25 nuts from a seller on Etsy.

I am also in the process of making some ornaments using red and gray pearl beads and these cute football charms, but I haven’t quite figure out what I want to do yet.

Thank you again to Oriental Trading for the free product and for helping to make my Christmas tree even more fantastic.

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