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Dobby's Socks | Harry Potter

Does your dryer eat your socks? Mine does. Or there is a leprechaun who thinks hiding my socks is funny. It really makes no sense, and I am totally not exaggerating, but when I took that photo above, I had 4 additional socks in my drawer that did not have a match.

I am quite an organized person, and while I do have a lot of pairs of socks, it honestly baffles me where they go. I only take off my socks in our bedroom. They go into one of the 3 hampers – darks, lights, and reds – or maybe sometimes on the floor, since I am not a good free thrower. Before I do laundry, I even check in my closet for clothes on the floor.

So where do my socks go and why do they suddenly decide to turn up again after weeks of being missing?

I love Harry Potter, elves, and crafting, so when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect for keeping track of my unmatched socks in an amusing way. I adapted mine to be more practical. Actually my husband adapted it after saying there was a much better way of creating it.

The How-to

  1. Get a long piece of wood in any shape that your heart desires. I bought my wood at Hobby Lobby for only $4 and then stained it dark.
  2. Stain or paint 12 clothes pins to match the color of your wood.
  3. Cut out the words “Dobby’s Socks” and an image of Dobby with a Silhouette Cameo.

Dobby's Socks | Harry Potter

  1. Cut out strips of blue, red, green, and yellow paper to fit on the clothes pins. I used Mod Podge as the glue and as a clear top coat over the paper strips. Those 4 colors match the 4 house colors of Hogwarts.
  2. Evenly space out and mark where your clothes pins should be attached to the wood.

This is where my husband took over. He used both wood glue and small nails to secure the clothes pins to the wood.

  1. Clothes pins are made of cheap, fragile wood, so to prevent the wood from splintering when hammered, he pre-drilled a tiny hole where each nail would go. This was at the top of each clothes pin.
  2. In order to hammer a nail through each clothes pin, he gently twisted the two pieces of wood apart so he could hammer a small nail through the pre-drilled hole to attach the clothes pin to the wood sign.
  3. Before he hammered each nail in, he spread a light layer of wood glue on the clothes pin for extra security.
  4. Once the nail was hammered in, he twisted the pieces and they sprung back together.

And now I have a place to keep all my unmatched socks!


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  1. May

    I also have this conundrum and it is baffling. Socks go on in pairs, they come off and go in the washing basket, they go into the machine, they come out of the machine. I don’t even have a dryer! How do they manage to go off on solo jaunts? My girlfriend has a neat solution, though: she doesn’t wear her socks in matching pairs, so it’s fine when they turn up randomly all over the place on their own. She just approximately matches them in length and calls it done.

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