Minecraft Story Cubes

Minecraft Story Cubes 2

I honestly wish I would have thought of this idea when my son was much younger and was really into creative writing and story telling. We probably would have spent hours everyday making up stories. But, as a just turned 14-year-old, he LOVES Minecraft, but isn’t into story telling another.

However, he is responsible for coming up with all the themes on the story cubes. I learned A LOT while we were making these.

The story cubes will provide hours of entertainment for any Minecraft fan. You can incorporate them into your language arts curriculum and see creative writing and storytelling soar.

Included are 8 printable cubes:

actions, friends, enemies, goals, 2 objects cubes, and 2 situations cubes

Minecraft Story Cubes 3

Throw the cubes into the air, see whatever topic appears, and then let your imagination take over. Example from the cubes above:

You are an Iron Golem. You are in the jungle.

You have armor and diamonds with you. Your goal is to harvest.

Your enemy is the Ender Dragon.

Uh oh, zombie pigmen are coming after you! What do you do?

To make things worse, a creeper just destroyed your house!


Minecraft Story Cubes 4

Download free Minecraft Story Cubes

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  1. I wish I had known about these a few years ago! My son loves Minecraft. At 16 he still loves it but he’s doing dual enrollment college classes now. A bit old for creating stories with mom. Maybe when the grandkids come along……

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