Minecraft Christmas Tree

Minecraft Christmas TreeI love our Doctor Who Christmas tree. One of the things that I love most about it is the fact that the 3 of us made it together.

My son came up with half the ideas for the ornaments, helped with some of the little crafts, and my husband helped with the bigger aspects that required cutting and drilling.

(By the way, we also have a geeky tree that is dedicated to Star Trek, Star Wars, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Middle Earth, and Harry Potter, and I’ll be sharing those ornaments in a couple of days.)

While we were making the Doctor Who ornament for the Pandorica (which is in the shape of a cube), my son got the idea that we could easily make an entire Minecraft tree using the same method. Ever eager to make more Christmas crafts, I rushed out the next day and purchased a little 24-inch tree!

All you need to make your own Minecraft block Christmas tree is:

  • wooden blocks
  • paper and a printer
  • Mod Podge
  • simple brass screw-in cup hooks like these ones.

Our small tree has two each of 14 different Minecraft texture blocks ranging from cake to plain grass to TNT. Google Minecraft textures to find dozens of different images of the various textures. For our 1-inch cubes, I printed out, and then cut, six 1-inch squared images for each cube. Most of the blocks are simple, since all 6 sides of most Minecraft blocks are identical like grass and brick walls, but for some cubes like the cake and bookshelf, you’ll have to vary what the top and sides look like. You’ll be able to find images to print by Googling the texture you want.

In addition to the cubes, my son asked for a few special ornaments – a Minecraft axe, a Minecraft sword, plus StampyCat, BallisticSquid, and L for Lee, 3 characters from StampyLongHead, his favorite Minecraft YouTube channel.

Note to parents who have never heard of Stampy – start watching the videos after episode 20. He does say some swear words in his early videos, but stopped immediately after realizing the number of children that were tuning in. He has now become one of the most popular YouTube channels in history.

To create the characters and weapons, I glued their images to 1/4-inch foam, cut them out with a craft knife and then Mod Podged the top to protect the images.

Minecraft Christmas Tree

Minecraft Christmas Tree

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