Mechanical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

How to make adorable DIY Harry Potter pencil wands from MECHANICAL pencils and hot glue. No more sharpening your wand away. A great party or kid activity!

If you are a Harry Potter fan AND a Pinterest user, you’ve probably seen those adorable DIY pencil wands made from #2 pencils, hot glue, and paint.

They are so easy to create, can be made in batches, are great for parties, and the sky is the limit on what you can do with your creativity.

That being said…as much as I always wanted to make some of these, I never followed through simply because I knew I would never want to use and then sharpen them! So mechanical pencils to the rescue!

Mechanical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

Most mechanical pencils have some sort of pocket clip, and often that pocket clip doubles as the push button to get the lead to feed out. Paper Mate makes a straight mechanical pencil with no pocket clip and the click button is the eraser.

What you need

What to do

I think the first step is to tell yourself that you are not going to get all worked up if your wand turns out ugly. Seriously, most wands in Harry Potter are super ugly, so don’t expect beauty. Working with a hot glue gun is a pain. Just have fun and wing it.

So the real first step is to lightly sand your pencil. It is made out of a smooth plastic, so the paint will stick better if you sand it first.

Mechanical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

Heat up your hot glue gun and just go crazy, making designs on your pencil. You can count to about ten and use your finger to lightly mold the glue, if you want.

Mechanical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

Before the glue dries, you can also attach small embellishments like beads or some open jump rings, which are used in jewelry making. You can see them on the black pencil wand below.

Mechanical Harry Potter Pencil Wands

After your glue is dry (it doesn’t take very long at all) break out the paint and as Bob Ross says, “Let’s get crazy.”

I am prissy and hate getting paint on myself, so I jammed the tips of the pencils into a styrofoam cube so I could paint all sides at once. You will need to do more than one coat of paint, especially if you want an aged look.

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