Adorable Literature Direction Signs

What makes a family a geek family? Here are some thoughts:

  • You upgrade your Dish Network package so you will be able to watch the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who.
  • Your Christmas tree is decorated with Star Trek ornaments.
  • Your son has a giant blow-up Dalek standing in front of his bedroom window.
  • You have a cardboard cutout of a Cyberman to use in bow and arrow practice.
  • You have a pizza cutter in the shape of the Enterprise and a Vulcan oven mitt.

Adorable Literature Direction Signs

I am so in love with this little sign. It is only 18 inches tall and looks so adorable next to one of our bookshelves. I would love to make a 6 foot version, out of real wood, to place in our backyard.

I used Photoshop to create the following…

Adorable Literature Direction Signs

Various sizes of arrows, with font that coordinates with the book. It was very easy to make and I’ll share the printable below. I printed it out on a piece of cardboard. The toner from my laser printer smudged a bit, so I lightly filled in some of the letters with a Sharpie.

Cut out your little fake wood signs.

Star Wars : Would You Rather?

a booklet full of fun Star Wars themed questions for kids

The next part required a dowel rod and a ton of hot glue.  And patience. You have to work fast as you glue the signs to the dowel rod with hot glue.

Download the printable Literature Road Sign Directions.


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  1. Amy

    This is so cute! We are definitely going to give this a try. I guess we’re a geek family too…we have the star trek ornaments, a small replica of Minas Tirith, a Lucy, Queen of Narnia costume etc. I think I may have been in denial and need to embrace my inner geek. 🙂

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