How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

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How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

See that photo above, with the “three” Dr Pepper® bottles? That is not really three real Dr Pepper bottles. The middle one is edible! A life sized gummy bottle that tastes just like Dr Pepper.

I’ve wanted to try this experiment for months now, ever since I saw a YouTube video of a man making an enormous gummy out of a pop shaped piggy bank. After seeing the new Pick Your Pepper labels at Kroger, I knew it was the perfect time to try it out since the fun labels would look so cute wrapped around a gummy Dr Pepper. They are so fun and adorable, right?!

These are super easy to make and only take a few minutes of prep time and then a couple of hours in the refrigerator. These gummy bottles are the perfect treat for a summer party, birthday celebration, or BBQ! Your family and friends will be amazed.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Now onto the step-by-step experiment, including what NOT to do.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Materials needed

After the step-by-step tutorial, we’ll talk about the science behind the experiment.

  • 20 oz bottle of Dr Pepper (you can find the Pick Your Pepper bottles at Kroger in the coolers near the registers)
  • 8 packets of gelatin
  • 4 quart pot
  • something to stir with
  • funnel
  • knife
  • very sticky tape like duct tape

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step One

Pour the entire bottle of Dr Pepper into your pot.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step two

Add all 8 packages of gelatin to the pop. It will smell bad, but don’t worry, it goes away pretty quickly.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step three

Begin to boil the mixture on the stove. It will start out looking like this, but keep stirring for a few minutes until the gelatin is dissolved into the pop. Be sure to stir the bottom so that no sugar crystallizes on the bottom of the pot.

After all of the gelatin is dissolved, remove the pot from the heat and sit it somewhere to cool. Do not put the mixture into the refrigerator or it will begin to harden. You want a bottle shape, not a pan shape!

If you are making more than one bottle and need your pot back, simply pour the mixture into a bowl. You probably should make more than one, since your family and friends will fight over it! Currently, To make purchasing them even sweeter, buy any three Dr Pepper 12pk or 8pk 12oz (any variety) and receive a coupon for a free Dr Pepper 20oz. This great offer is available 6/21-8/15, so make sure to call or visit your local Kroger or Kroger banner store for offer specifics!

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step four

Carefully remove the label from the bottle.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step five

Use a sharp knife to cut a slit down one side of the bottle. This is done so that the plastic can be easily removed after the gelatin and Dr Pepper hardens into the shape of the bottle.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step six

To prevent leakage, fully cover the slit with duct tape. To make sure that the slit was sealed properly, we tested it by filling the bottle up with water.

Step seven

After your Dr Pepper-gelatin mixture has cooled, pour it into the plastic bottle. It is very important that the mixture is room temperature, because the heat could affect the tape and the shape of the bottle and you’ll have to start all over again. That is your first what-not-to-do advice.

Your second what-not-to-do advice is to pour carefully. If you use a funnel and pour slowly, unlike me, you should have enough Dr Pepper to fill the entire bottle way up to the tip. I spilled some of it, so my gummy does not have a bottle neck.

That’s ok, since the bottleneck would have been the first part to be eaten anyways!

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step eight

Put the cap on and place it into the refrigerator for a couple of hours. We left it alone for 3 hours.

While you are waiting, check out Dr Pepper on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The commercials uploaded to YouTube are especially fun!

Step nine

Remove the tape and insert a knife or scissors into the slit in the bottle. Using knife or scissors cut the plastic around the bottle as much as you need to remove it away from the gummy. Be careful as you are cutting the plastic, but don’t worry too much, the gummy is NOT going to fall apart. You just need to cut around the whole diameter of the bottle so you can pull the top and bottoms off.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

Step ten

Wrap the label around the gummy bottle.

Now hand it to an unsuspecting family member or friend and watch them giggle.

How to Make a Life Sized Gummy Pop Bottle

The science behind the experiment

Gelatin is nothing more than a naturally formed animal product. It is a protein and is very safe for children. It is colorless and flavorless so will never affect the color or taste of whatever you add it to.

At room temperature, their long strings of amino acids stick together. When added to a boiling liquid, the amino acids disperse and begin sticking to the liquid. The hydrogen molecules in the gelatin will bond with the water molecules. Then, as the mixture cools, the gelatin will reform bonds with itself, resulting in a 3D matrix of gelatin and liquid.

Pretty neat huh? Do you have a party or event planned this summer? Leave a comment letting me know if you decide to make these life sized gummy bottles.

If you’re a Snapchat user, make sure you scan the code on the Pick Your Pepper labels into Snapchat to unlock a limited edition, exclusive filter for an hour of fun useage.


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