Three New Books to Make Your Christmas a LEGO Christmas

Life has never been the same since my son discovered the joy of LEGO many years ago. Combine that with his love of Star Wars and he was over the moon for this latest book by DK.  How excited are you about the newest Star Wars movie coming out in a few weeks? I think this book will make your Christmas a little more Jedi-magical.

LEGO® Star Wars® Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy

photographed by the very talented Vesa Lehtimaki

Hardcover book $13.74 at Amazon

Bringing to life the LEGO® Star Wars® galaxy with wonder and enchantment, LEGO® Star Wars® Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy is a beautiful photography book recreating LEGO Star Wars brick sets and minifigures. The book features painstaking recreations of classic Star Wars movie moments and irreverent new takes on fan-favorite characters and whimsical themes.


Combining the look and feel of an art book with broad family appeal, LEGO® Star Wars® Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy is created by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki using his son’s favorite toys. The spreads showcase a wealth of new photography alongside the very best of Vesa Lehtimaki’s hugely popular online portfolio.


Every scene is a technical tour de force and an evocation of childlike wonder. Readers will have never seen Star Wars or LEGO sets look like this before. Pithy, in-universe captions give voice to the diverse characters and expand their engaging stories, while the text offers technical detail and anecdotal stories from the author offering insight into key photographs. LEGO® Star Wars® Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy combines quirky LEGO art with the drama of the Star Wars universe, with stunning results. It is sure to inspire photographers and LEGO builders alike.

LEGO: I Love That Minifigure

Hardcover book with exclusive minifigure $10.65 at Amazon


Have you ever wondered which LEGO® minifigure had the first double-sided head? Or which one was the first to have a printed torso or peg leg? Discover all the answers to these questions and more in DK’s I Love That Minifigure! Meet more than 200 amazing LEGO minifigures and find out what makes each one special. With stunning images and informative annotations, this encyclopedia features the most unique minifigures in amazing detail — all accompanied by fascinating facts and trivia that bring them to life.

Perfect for LEGO fans and collectors of all ages, I Love That Minifigure! is the official guide to the rarest and most desirable minifigures, and also comes with its own exclusive minifigure.

Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History

Hardcover book with LEGO set $22 at Amazon


Packed with stunning photography and fascinating facts, Great LEGO® Sets: A Visual History explores the history of LEGO sets in magnificent detail. The guide offers an expansive overview of the most significant, popular, and interesting play sets, featured in chronological order from 1955 to the present day.

Great LEGO Sets: A Visual History features the most beloved sets in the LEGO Group’s long history, including much-loved classic 1980s LEGO Space and LEGO Castle sets and the latest stunning licensed themed sets, such as LEGO® Star Wars®. Created in full collaboration with the LEGO Group and with profiles and quotes from LEGO designers, this captivating new book also comes with an exclusive retro-style LEGO set for readers to build.

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