Leather Bound Books

You may have seen this set of unbelievably amazing leather bound Harry Potter books with removable bookmarks. The creator, Meg, made one set for a charity project and her images went viral. I drooled over them and then immediately contacted her to see if she planned to eventually start selling them. She is the sweetest girl, working hard in nursing school, while also now working hard getting her book binding business set up.

In case you are wondering, she IS going to start selling sets and even individual books very soon. She said that the supplies were about $300 per set, mostly because of the cost of the leather she uses, which is very high quality. Because it takes her roughly 120 hours to complete one set by hand, she is pricing the books at $1250. Since I already had the set of Harry Potter bookmarks she used and I had some fake leather as well, she ended up talking me into trying to cover my own set of books myself and gave me several tips. Fake leather is way cheaper, but much harder to work with, as she warned me.

So here is my completed set of leather-bound Harry Potter books.

leather-bound Harry Potter books

Those embellishments on the spine are a set of horcrux bookmarks, which can be purchased on Amazon. We would never use them as bookmarks, so we removed the excess metal on the backs and attached them to each spine using E6000 glue. I wished I could have placed them in order of when the horcruxes were discovered, but it made more sense to match them up by size of each spine.

The metal number titles came from Hobby Lobby.

For a permanent bookmark inside each book, I braided embroidery thread using the Hogwarts house colors and glued each ribbon of thread to the spine before adhering the leather. You can see each one sticking out of the bottom.

leather-bound Harry Potter books

For the front…I created my own fake metal embellishments using cardboard. They look extremely realistic in person! To see how this is done, check out the step-by-step on my 221B Baker Street post. The metal color was obtained by first painting the finished cardboard with black paint and then lightly coating it with metallic silver paint.

Also on the cover are metal plates stamped with the words STONE, CHAMBER, PRISONER, GOBLET, ORDER, PRINCE, and HALLOWS, shorten versions of each title.

leather-bound Harry Potter books

I am quite pleased with myself! And these are all mine, since my son decided I wasn’t allowed to touch his set of very worn, much-loved books. I had to buy my own.

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