Inside My Head

Inside My Head: an activity for kids

Inside My Head: an activity for kids

That is my son’s head, full of all the wonderful things he thinks of on a daily basis…Legos, robots, soup, chess, cookies, slime…

This was relatively easy to do, all that is needed is:

  • a piece of white paper
  • a piece of colored paper for the background
  • magazines or catalogs
  • a marker
  • a wall

I didn’t even bother trying to set up the perfect lighting environment to make a silhouette, we just walked around the house, turning on lights, until we found a wall with a shadow on it. He sat down (because boys are way too fidgety and you should have seen the shape of his head after I traced it will he was standing!) and I taped a white piece of paper over the shadow that naturally appeared. When I was all done tracing, he was shocked at the size of his head. I told him that, truly, his head is not that large…it only looks that way because even sitting down, he wouldn’t sit totally still. Then I reminded him that this way he’d have more space to fill in!

Inside My Head: an activity for kids

He went through some magazines and catalogs, cutting out interesting things that appealed to him. Then we glued them all on! My favorite piece of his “brain” is the word JOY at the bottom. This is such a great activity for getting to know your kids a little better.

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  1. Lynn C

    I really like this idea and look forward to using it in September with my new class. Before I do so though, I am going to try it with my own two boys 🙂 I loved ALL the things your son has in HIS head 🙂 Great job 🙂

    • Zlatka

      Hello Lynn C,
      couldn´t we get in touch, please? I am a teacher of English language at a primary school in the Czech Republic and I should teach one additional lesson of ART every week starting September, kids 9 years old. I have never done it before and I am looking for some inspiration and idea exchange. If you want, wirte me to
      Amy, your idea is great, I think I will begin my classes with it to get acquainted with my pupils…. Thanks a lot !

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