HOW did you fit all that in the box?

I have to admit, all those Operation Christmas Child items for the 10-14 year old young men barely fit in the box. All credit goes to my brilliant mom for neatly packing everything and managing to fit the lid on as well. We had a fabulous time shopping for the most perfect items we could think of for this age group. Being a mature 10 year old boy, my son was very helpful as well.

So how did my amazing mom accomplish this?

Why let me show you…one item at a time. TA DA!

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  1. Love it! One of our tricks to get a ton of stuff in the boxes is if you can find a small pencil box and shove a bunch of pencils and other small items in there…and we do the same with a water bottle, which we can fit with toiletry items. :p

  2. Quinn

    i got one of the Go boxes at Family Christian book store and prayed that God would help me stuff the box full and that by this gift God would fill up their hart. i got 98 things in my box! and (with a rubber band) the box closes! i even put a dress, candy, soap, doll, stuffed toy, hair stuff, book, note pad, pens. tons of little toys, balls, bag, and lots more! God is so good! i know this will bless a child so greatly! pack a shoe box!

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