Hosting a Tournament of Books

Tournament of Books for Kids

Last month, one of my favorite British websites held a Doctor Who companion tournament. I printed out the bracket and asked my son one-by-one, “Her or him, him or her, her or her,” and he gave me his answers in between reading his latest book, Artemis Fowl. (He inherited my ability to do several things at once.) As I waited for him to contemplate his favorite sci-fi companions while contemplating the sci-fi antics in the book, it gave me a thought.

A tournament of books! 28 books that I got to choose and no matter how silly he thought they were, he had to read them and then vote. The tournament bracket is hanging on a living room wall and so far we have 5 winners, moving onto round 2, and 5 losers that were good books, but not good enough to beat their match-up.

Here were my 28 choices…



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