How to Homeschool St. Patrick’s Day

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And not just on March 17th, but all month long! My house turns green with decorations, I start cooking Irish foods more frequently, and we get take-out meals from Fado’s Irish Pub. Not to mention how much fun it is to homeschool St. Patrick’s Day!

You can take these ideas for everything from math to language arts and spend an entire day homeschooling nothing but Irishness! Lots of malarkey and shenanigans may ensue.

These ideas are meant for older kids, although some of them (especially the leprechaun trap) can be adapted for any age.

How to Homeschool St. Patrick's Day: math, history, STEM,
language arts & more

Math for St. Patrick’s Day

My son and I created these St. Patrick’s Day math and logic puzzles. Included are 2 logic grids and 4 Sudoku puzzles. Solutions for all 6 puzzles are included too.

General Science for St. Patrick’s Day

Rainbows are a big part of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture. Have your kids study the science behind rainbows. What makes a rainbow appear? How can you make a rainbow at home?

Chemistry for St. Patrick’s Day

Since leprechauns spend most of their free time searching for gold, this element is also a huge part of St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some interesting things you should know about gold.

Gold may be a leprechaun’s favorite color, but green is the color we humans most associate with St. Patrick’s Day. Try to create a glowing green flower using the ink from a yellow highlighter.

Horticulture for St. Patrick’s Day

They say that gardening is both a science and an art. Try to grow a potato in a jar indoors or one of 7 other ways outdoors.

Botany for St. Patrick’s Day

Do an in-depth plant study of the shamrock, which is the unofficial national symbol of Ireland. Some wonderful links to peruse are:

How to Homeschool St. Patrick's Day

History for St. Patrick’s Day

Language Arts for St. Patrick’s Day

Engineering for St. Patrick’s Day

Make a leprechaun trap. High-schoolers should be able to get really creative and elaborate with this, especially if they have access to robotic kits like TETRIX, LEGO Technic, or LEGO Mindstorms. Take a peek at some other leprechaun traps for inspiration.

Mythology for St. Patrick’s Day

Learn about Irish mythology at DiscoveringIreland. Irish folklore includes stories about Cu Chulainn, a warrior who is to Ireland what Achilles is to the Greeks; the Giants Causeway; plus fairies, leprechauns, and other wee folk.

Home Ec for St. Patrick’s Day

Learn to cook some popular Emerald Isle dishes, like soda bread, Irish stew, colcannon, corned beef, and shepherd’s pie.

Geography for St. Patrick’s Day

Prepare an imaginary trip to Ireland. Ask yourself these things:

  1. Where do I most want to visit?
  2. If I stay for a week, how many places will I have time to visit? Create an itinerary and travel map based on your choices.
  3. What flights are available and how much does the cost of flights vary per day?
  4. What time zone is Ireland and how will this affect me?
  5. What is the climate in Ireland and what type of clothing will I need to pack?
  6. Will I need to exchange my money to a different currency?
  7. Will I need a special adapter to charge my devices at my Irish hotel?


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