Make Your Own Hogwarts House Pajamas

Make Your Own Hogwarts House Pajamas

I am a Ravenclaw living with two Slytherins.

I am also a stickler for personality tests.

I am pretty sure I end up taking a new one every week. I strongly believe that everyone, no matter how old they are, should at least take the Myers-Briggs test. You’ll learn so much about yourself from that test.

Second to the Myers-Briggs, my favorite personality test is the Hogwarts house sorter at As silly as it sounds, it really is an insightful quiz. It will reveal which of the four houses you belong in, but it also tells you a ton about what type of personality you have.

These Ravenclaw descriptions are me to a T: you are a total nerd about something, probably more than one something; you are the creative one of your friends; you are smart and love trivia, learning, and books; you need to keep your mind constantly working; you despise stupidity or ignorance; you value your own inner world, and have too much of an imagination to ever be bored.

Do those descriptions fit you too? You must be a Ravenclaw!

And these Slytherin traits are my guys: you look out for and are very loyal to your own; you seem cold on the outside but that is only because you are self-assured and confident of your own competence; you are cunning, ambitious, and resourceful; you often take charge, are decisive, and make an excellent leader; you have no patience for incompetence in others.

What about those? Do you think you might be a Slytherin?

And I love this description from Pottermore:

Slytherins are the ones who will take charge and help order for the table at a share-plate restaurant. Gryffindors, on the other hand, might spend too much time arguing to order anything, Ravenclaws will obsessively research the best takeout places on Yelp, and Hufflepuffs, who just want to be kind to everyone, will probably end up buying everything on the menu and then going bankrupt.

That being said, no matter who or what you are, wear your personality proud!

I love using the Silhouette machine to add heat transfer images and words to shirts. I’ve been told by someone in this house to stop trying to add stuff to all of the plain shirts, so I just stocked up on new ones. (I use the online store Blank Apparel for plain shirts and hoodies.)

I turned these shirts into Hogwarts house pajamas sets…one Ravenclaw and two Slytherin…by adding fluffy plaid pants. I found the perfect colors at Target to match the Hogwarts house colors.

The images of the snake and raven were clip art. The font was added in an arc around the clip art in the Silhouette Studio, which is free to download. This is the software created for the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. Even if you don’t have the machine, you can still use the software to create your template, which you would then need to cut into vinyl by hand using a craft knife. If you are cutting by hand, it is best to use a simple font with straight lines.

See more instructions on how to use heat transfer material.

What do you think of my homemade Hogwarts house pajamas?

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