Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

As of today, Christmas is only 101 days away. It is technically still summer for one more week, but the weather is turning colder and we are already wearing sweaters and light jackets. Some stores even have a couple of aisles dedicated to Christmas, which makes me very happy, because the holiday season is the BEST time of the year.

Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

If you’ve been reading my blog for long, or back when “Geek Families” was “Milk and Cookies”, you know how obsessed I am with Christmas trees and DIY ornaments.

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This year I have dozens of ideas for easy DIY ornaments and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

My husband and son started building a giant Connect Four game, so we have lots of these scrap 4-inch wooden circles. I immediately thought of using them to make little Hobbit doors.

The lines were rustically carved using a Dremel Micro Rotary Tool. This little tool is so handy and versatile.

Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

I painted it dark green.

I made a small door knob out of clay and painted it gold.

Next, I carefully scratched in Gandalf’s rune letter and painted it white to get it to stand out a bit more.

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Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

The last step was attaching an ornament hook to the back. (I just used tape.)

Now it’s ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

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Easy DIY Hobbit Door Ornament

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