72 Brilliant Harry Potter Educational Ideas

72 Brilliant Harry Potter Educational Ideas


STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Potions Experiment

Capitalize on kids’ fascination with potions and use it to teach them a little chemistry. The idea behind this experiment is to create a potion that changes color.

2. Harry Potter Arithmancy Course

Includes free printables of a Sudoku, a logic grid, and an estimation game. Meant for elementary students.

3. The “Harry Potter” Guide To The U.K.

Ready for some serious geography geeking? This fun article is full of pictures that take you to the real-life locations in which the movies were filmed.

4-8. Science with Harry Potter: A Thematic Study for Teens

This series features a succession of scientific topics presented to students through hands-on activities and corresponding readings and video clips. There are 5 sections to this series:

  1. Herbology (Botany)
  2. Care of Magical Creatures (Zoology)
  3. Potions (Chemistry)
  4. Alchemy & Divination (Geology)
  5. Magical Motion (Physics)

9. Harry Potter Astronomy with Constellations and Jupiter’s Moons

Learn about the 3 constellations that are most related to Harry Potter: Canis Major, Lupus, and Draco the Dragon. Connect the dots pages with skip counting are included.

10. Harry Potter Potions Class Experiments

Learn to make Exploding Polyjuice Potion and Veritaserum. I love that she alters the ingredient names and includes a translation key. For example, 2 pieces of mandrake root are needed for Veritaserum. In the key, you learn that mandrake root = pretzels.

11. STEM in Hogwarts

This is a great infographic, worthy of printing and hanging on your wall. It includes muggle equivalencies and explanations for Hogwarts classes.

12. Expecto Valueo: The Burrow from Harry Potter for Sale

A real estate company estimated the value of the Weasley family’s home, the Burrow, based on some facts location and total square footage.

13. Wizard Math Printable Multiplication Board Game

Kids will love practicing their Multiplication math facts with this one of a kind Wizard Math Printable Multiplication Board Game!

14. Genetic Traits in Harry Potter

The purpose of this lesson is to give students an introductory understanding of genetic inheritance. Students apply these to identify and examine several examples of simple and complex genetic traits in several characters in Harry Potter. Students also examine inheritance patterns of magical ability in Harry Potter..

15-19. Engineering Out of Harry Situations: The Science Behind Harry Potter

In this unit, you’ll learn about the basics of acid/base chemistry (invisible ink), genetics and trait prediction (parseltongue trait in families), and force and projectile motion (motion of the thrown remembrall). In each lesson and activity, students are also made aware of the engineering connections to these fields of scientific study.

  1. Basically Acids lesson
  2. Basically Acidic Ink activity
  3. Don’t Be a Square lesson
  4. Projectile Magic lesson
  5. Magical Motion activity

20. Real world math problem based on Harry Potter

Example: Harry needed money. He got $5 from Hagrid, $10 from Dumbledore, $0 from the Dursleys and $156 from Hermione. How much did he get altogether? Example 2: Dudley loves bacon and can eat 5 pounds in 1 hour. How much bacon can he eat in 5 hours?

21. Cell Analogy: Harry Potter

Harry Potter meets biology. This very creative hand-drawn image compares the components of a cell to the world of Harry Potter.

22. Harry Potter Periodic Table of Characters

This table is the exact periodic table of elements, except the real element names are switched out to a world of Harry Potter character. For example, Helium became Hermione and Neon became Neville.

23. The True Cost of Hogwarts

How much would it cost to send your kid off to Hogwarts for one year? The cost was estimated based off textbooks, clothing, and comparable private schools.

24. Create a Hogwarts Floor Plan

Students learn about the concept of scale and other mapping skills by creating a floor plan of Hogwarts School.


25. Would You Rather? Harry Potter Themed Questions

Would you rather get stuck in a room full of pixies or Moaning Myrtle for an hour? Would you rather take care of Mrs. Norris or Nagini? A free printable full of 48 questions, in two formats – cards and strips.

26. Free Printable Harry Potter Calendar

This free printable Harry Potter calendar displays silhouettes of all of your favorite characters from the Harry Potter series. It covers July 2017 to June 2018 and each month is on a different page.

27. Free Bookmarks

You can’t read a book without a bookmark! Here are 3 printable bookmarks to download.

28. Harry Potter Wizard BINGO

Seriously – BINGO and jelly beans? What more would you want?!

29. Free Printable Bookmarks

Another set of 4 free printable bookmarks.

30. Mini Marauders’ Map with Instructions

An adorable little Marauder’s Map with very easy to follow cutting and folding instructions. It starts out as one single piece of 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper.

31. Harry Potter Freebie Pack

Included in this Harry Potter Freebie pack you will find: Editable Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, Editable Supply List to use with my Harry Potter Unit, Editable food tags for Harry Potter food, Printable Hogwarts Express Tickets,, Harry Potter book posters and more.

32. Harry Potter Interactive Notebook Pages

These interactive notebook pages will help you to establish interactive notebooks in your classroom!

33. Harry Potter Corner Bookmark

Step-by-step instructions for making your own decorative corner bookmark

34. Harry Potter Timeline Activity

Use this fun activity – a printable timeline worksheet – to test your pupils’ knowledge of the entire Harry Potter series.

Educational Books

35. The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder

Learn the 3,000 Hardest Words from All Seven Books and Enjoy the Series More.

36. Teaching with Harry Potter

Essays on Classroom Wizardry from Elementary School to College

37. Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts

In this book, seventeen philosophical experts unlock some of Hogwarts’ secret panels, and uncover surprising insights that are enlightening both for wizards and the most discerning muggles.

38. The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works

Can Fluffy the three-headed dog be explained by advances in molecular biology? Could the discovery of cosmic “gravity-shielding effects” unlock the secret to the Nimbus 2000 broomstick’s ability to fly? Is the griffin really none other than the dinosaur Protoceratops?

39. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory–More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Wizards and Non-Wizards Alike

40. The Geeky Chef Cookbook

Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods – Unofficial Recipes from Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and more.

Language Arts

41. Boggarts and Fear in Harry Potter

Students interpret and evaluate the symbolic value of the boggart, its connection to character development, and similarities between the text and their own lives. In Lesson 2, students use their literary analyses from Lesson 1 and engage in a writing workshop to produce short essays.

42. Creative Writing: A Unit based on the Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series is an invaluable resource when teaching writing skills because of J.K. Rowling’s ability to paint pictures so clearly in words that we can see them in our own minds. This is a unit designed to teach students how to write about characters and settings effectively.

43. Muggle / Student of the Week Daily Prophet

Use this Harry Potter themed Daily Prophet form to showcase your “Muggle of the Week”!

44. Harry Potter Literary Device Posters

This pack includes 10 posters with literary device examples that can be used as instructional examples.

45. A Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism

An excellent infographic that uses a quote by J.K. Rowling to show different variations of plagiarism.

46. What the “Sorting Hat” Teaches Us About the Hero’s First Obstacle

Here are 9 ways bestselling authors fill the hero with classic teenage nerves about social acceptance.

47. Write Your Own Latin Based Harry Potter Spells

The Spell Book includes some of the most familiar spells from the Harry Potter books plus has two pages of Latin words that will help your kids brainstorm their own made-up spells.

48. Harry Potter ~ A Lesson in Rhetoric

A morning epiphany that one mom had regarding the art of rhetoric and the Harry Potter series

49. Free Printable Pack of Harry Potter-Inspired Writing Prompts

Fabulous ways to motivate and inspire creative writing with your Hogwarts fans.  These writing prompts can also be great conversation starters and spark marvelous discussions with your kids.

50. Free Printable Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs for Writing Fun

These Harry Potter-Inspired Mad Libs were created to teach and reinforce parts of speech while getting in some great giggles!

51. Free Printable Harry Potter-Inspired Sentence Cubes

These paper blocks are awesome for writing fun activities.  With a variety of ways to use and a hands-on component, these Harry Potter-Inspired Sentence Cubes can really help you add some sparkle to writing fun!

52. Free Harry Potter-Inspired Newspaper Planner for Writing Fun

Your kids could have some great writing fun using this Harry Potter-Inspired Newspaper Planner. You can use this newspaper planner to boost learning fun.

53. Free Writing Fun for Kids with Harry Potter-Inspired Comic Strips

DIY comic strips provide your kids with opportunities to imagine, draw, and write.  Add a touch of Harry Potter inspiration and your writing fun can soar to new heights!

54. Hermione’s Spelling Menu

Use this Harry Potter themed spelling menu to help improve the phonics recognition for your muggle students.

Fine Arts

55. “Always” Chalkboard Art Tutorial

This is a gorgeous hand-lettered art tutorial based on one of Alisha’s favorite quotes.

56. “Mirror of Erised” Mixed Media Art Tutorial

A fun and whimsical mixed media art piece.

57. “Choices” Doodle Lettering Tutorial

Another gorgeous hand-lettered art tutorial from Alisha.

58. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Lightning Scar

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how to draw Harry Potter and his lightning scar.

59. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Wizard’s Wand

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how to draw a wizard’s wand with chalk pastels.

60. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Sorting Hat

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how to draw the sorting hat with chalk pastels.

61. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Firebolt Broom

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how to draw a wizard’s Firebolt broom with chalk pastels.

62. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Quidditch Snitch

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how the steps for drawing a Quidditch snitch with chalk pastels.

63. Harry Potter Chalk Pastel Art Tutorial: Hogwarts Great Hall

In this video art tutorial, Nana shares how to paint the Hogwarts Great Hall with chalk pastels.

64. Harry Potter Sheet Music

A collection of easy piano arrangements. 37 sheet music selections from the eight epic films together in one collectible volume.

Unit Studies and Lapbooks

65. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Lapbook 

21 page downloadable lapbook which includes questions and activities divided by chapter, full color clip art, and more.

66. Free Harry Potter Unit Study

An incredible unit study full of almost 50 ideas for The Sorcerer’s Stone. Shelly even included the subject areas each activity covers and the corresponding book chapter.

67. J.K. Rowling Unit Study

Includes a free printable pack of worksheets.

For Parents

68. To the Harry Potter Finger-Waggers

A beautiful commentary on Sorcery in the Bible vs. Living in a Magical World and why it is okay for Christians to read Harry Potter.

69. Why Your Kids Need to Read Harry Potter

Like the one above, Christian parents really need to read this post. As she says, “Few modern fictional works are built upon such a strong Christian philosophical framework as Rowling’s books. Your kids need to read them.”

70. The Definitive Guide to Sorting the Saints

This post was written by a Catholic mother and whether or not you are Catholic, non-denominational or secular, I think it is a very valuable history lesson. You’ll learn about some great historical legends like Thomas Aquinas, Joan of Arc, and St. Patrick.

71. 20 Books for Kids Not Ready for Harry Potter

What if your child isn’t ready for Harry Potter? What books are similar but for a younger audience?

72. 25 Books Your Child Should Read After Harry Potter

Your reader has finished the Harry Potter series…um…now what? They are full of wonder from their journey into Hogwarts and are simply unwilling to come back to the muggle world, but instead wish to stay in the realm of fantasy and adventure.


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