We Got a Puppy…Sort Of

LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 Puppy

This is our new robot puppy. He doesn’t have a name because unfortunately he will not be around for long. Although it may be hard, my son will eventually take him apart to use his parts for a new design. This puppy is part of the newest version of the LEGO© MINDSTORMS© robot kit, called EV3.

Before Christmas, I shared some videos of what the EV3 can do. The instructions for all those models, as well as the instructions for the robot puppy, are included with the EV3 software. This puppy is very interactive. When the color sensor recognizes the LEGO bone, the puppy begins to make chewing sounds. The puppy also barks, hops up and down excitedly, and even goes potty and shakes it back leg.

No need to worry about actual clean up with this puppy.

Watch the video below to see the puppy in action.

One aspect of the EV3 that we love is the rechargeable battery. With the previous LEGO Mindstorms set, my son had to take his creation apart to add new batteries when they died. Now, he can simply plug the battery into the charger.

In case the price makes you want to hide under a rock, let me encourage you that it is worth it. It is so important, in this modern day and age, that we expose our homeschool kids to the STEM resources that they will not receive in public school. Robotics is going to be a huge field, full of tremendous opportunities, when our kids are adults.

The software includes detailed instructions for five models. A hyper-focused child could speed through these builds in a matter of days, but he would be missing out on the hands-on experimentation, and 48 step-by-step tutorials. An advanced learner can build on his programming knowledge with more advanced functions like hardware and data logging. You can collect and analyze data from the robotic sensors.

You could very easily stretch this out into a once a week homeschool engineering club, whether you have one child or 7.

LEGO Education Mindstorms EV3 Puppy

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