Getting Creative With Harry Potter Jewelry


Have you ever heard of Pottermore? It is J.K. Rowling’s official Harry Potter hub. It is a really fun website for Harry Potter fans and one of the best things about it is that there is a truly authentic Sorting Hat test. After answering a series of questions about yourself, you’ll be sorted into your Hogwarts house based on your personality and interests. Not surprisingly, I am a Ravenclaw.

When I saw these adorable little owl charms on Oriental Trading, I had to have them. I just had to make myself a Ravenclaw necklace. I know I do not take advantage of my metal stamping set as often as I should, so I was eager to pull it off the shelf and get to work. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I am going to direct you to the best DIY tutorial that I have found. However, there are two things that I must point out when making stamped jewelry:

  1. Be sure to practice with your spacing. I do this by cutting out a piece of paper the same size as my metal circle, then coloring the tip of the metal letter stamp with pencil. Next you just press the tip onto the paper. This way you’ll be able to see exactly where your letter will end up and how big your letter will be in relation to the metal circle.
  2. Really whack the metal letter stamp with a mallet. Hold on to the stamp very securely and give it a couple really good whacks. Even better, have your strong husband do this. A stamp indent that takes me 8 whacks, only takes my husband one. Don’t make fun of me.


I think I may have went a bit crazy with ideas. The little owls are just so cute! Several years ago, washer necklaces became really popular and I am still in love with them. Here is a fantastic tutorial on how to make them.  Above is my Ravenclaw necklace with the house colors and another Oriental Trading owl charm.


Fandom necklaces are really easy to make and the possibilities are endless. You could even create a fake potion out of one of the mini bottle charms and combine it with an owl and a gem to make a cute necklace or charm bracelet. My bottle contains olive oil with a little bit of gold glitter. Be sure to glue the cork on if you are using any type of liquid.


Another charm set that I am positively in love with is the tea set. All of their charms are very high quality, yet very inexpensive. I am thinking about using one of the tea charms to make another Jane Austen stamped necklace like the one I gave away last year.  Jane Austen and tea…the perfect combination!

Thank you to my friends at Oriental Trading for sending me these charms for no charge!

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