Father’s Day at My House

This is the second year that the Superhero and I have went all out with themed dinners for Father’s Day. Last year we did Star Trek and this year we did Star Wars. (I am a goober and thought Father’s Day was this weekend so we planned our surprise dinner for Friday to kick off “Father’s Weekend.”)

Here is a picture of the spread from last year’s Star Trek dinner in the Captain’s Dining Hall

The dishes were:

  • Andorian Ale (blue Hawaiian punch)
  • Bloodwine (cranberry juice)
  • Ketracel-white (milk)
  • Raktajino (hot chocolate)
  • Tea. Earl Grey. Hot (obviously tea)
  • Worf’s Prune Juice (prune juice)


  • Vulcan Plomeek Soup (tomato soup)

Main Dishes

  • Bajoran Hasperat (burritos)
  • Ferengi Tube Grubs (penne noodles)
  • Gagh (spaghetti noodles)
  • Klingon Targ Heart (steak)
  • Starfleet Rations (dehydrated food found in the camping section of Meijer)


  • Delta Quadrant Leola Root (ginger root)
  • Yamok Sauce (Hoisin sauce)

Here is a picture of the spread from this weekend’s Star Wars dinner at the Mos Eisley Cantina

The dishes were:

  • Death Melon (watermelon carved into the Death Star)
  • Tie Biters (Tie-Fighter cookies made from Whoppers and hexagon shaped cookies)
  • Leia Cupcakes (a disaster of a cupcake that was supposed to look like Leia with Oreo hair buns)
  • Pretzel Sabers (pretzels dipped in colored chocolate, with foil handles)
  • Carbonite Jello (a Han Solo action figure stuck in Jello)
  • Degobah (A Yoda action figure standing in swampy mashed potatoes and gravy, with broccoli trees)
  • Tauntaun Meat (shredded pot roast)
  • Veggie Sabers (carrot sticks with zucchini handles)
  • Jedi Juice (blue Hawaiian punch)
  • Darth Dog Sabers (2 hot dogs stuck together with a crescent roll to resemble Darth Maul’s light saber)

So, what should we do next year??? Any suggestions?

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