Elf on the Shelf

This is William Alfred Edison Rollo Theodore von Bonaparte, the Conqueror…our elf. This is one crazy elf, people. (I know some of you are thinking I am the crazy one for starting the elf thing almost 2 months before Christmas.)

I think the elf overheard my husband talking about how he and his sister used to slide down the stairs in a box when they were kids.

A toy battle with marshmallows as snowball weapons.

The elf’s team consisted of such characters as Jabba the Hut, Large Lego Man, Bumblebee, a blue yoshi, Yoda, a stormtrooper, and Michelangelo.

The elf decided to invent a cloning machine…

Pushing the button…good thing he only pushed it once…

TADA!! Two elves. Uh oh!!

He had to rescue a friend who got trapped on the ceiling fan. The hero elf was going to cut him free.

Looking for goodies in an empty stocking

Taking a ride on Santa’s back

He trapped himself in the popcorn container and made a mess along the way!

Playing Mario Cart with his Mario world friends

The note reads: I brought these neat cups and straws back from the North Pole. I thought you would really like them because they are your favorite color. Maybe we can all drink chocolate milk from them later!

Giving the nutcracker a haircut

Uh oh! Caught him trying to figure out my Amazon password on the Kindle Fire…ugh, who knows what he would have bought!

Having a major sugar craving?

Cutting up the pineapple, helping us prepare for our morning juice

Having a race to the finish line, riding dinosaurs. I wonder who won?

The elf and his clone got a bunch of food out of the pantry and made a huge tower

Playing Angry Birds on the Kindle

Dancing with Belle from Beauty and the Beast, my favorite Disney movie

The elf decided it would also be fun to create a little door for himself identical to our front door.

He and his clone stayed up all night pigging out on every food imaginable.

I guess the next night he didn’t want to share the cake and ice cream.

Mr. von Bonaparte, the Conqueror decided it would be funny to make my son look like an elf. He colored on the Classical Conversations class picture!! (The elf used blue, mommy used Photoshop on everyone’s faces.)

Then he thought it would be funny to T.P. my son’s bedroom doorway. He sat outside the door with empty toilet paper roll and tape in hand. Busted!

What a mess he made…he located the 1001 Cookie Recipes and decided to start making cookies. I think he gave up after making snow angels in the flour. He probably couldn’t decide on which cookie to make.

Of course! “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” (from the movie Elf). Don’t you love the sign he made for the refrigerator.

I think he was having a hard time choosing a game

Aww, poor little elf caught a cold and had to stay snuggled up all night. He even took his own temperature.

He must have heard something outside and then got stuck in the blinds.

Here is a shot from the front yard

Riding the robo-dog. Yeee Haw!!

We think he was playing with Star Trek ornaments on the tree and got tangled up in the lights. Yes, we do have our tree up already. So?

Worshiping baby Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

He bushed his teeth with a Q-tip and made a mess all over his face.


e got into the bag of mini candy bars and, again, made a mess all over his face. He even had a little cup of milk and please note the number of wrappers and the fact that he is holding his tummy.

The elf brought me and my son new pairs of fuzzy socks. He pointed out in his letter that he would have brought daddy a pair, but he knew daddy wouldn’t wear them.

He stayed up late playing Connect Four with Mario. Little elf had to climb up using the holes every time it was his turn.

Jammin’ on the mp3 player and keyboard.

He was doing a pirate-themed crossword puzzle and managed to make himself an eye-patch.

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