Free Doctor Who and Minecraft Calendar / Planner Pages For Kids

Doctor Who Calendar Pages For Kids

This post was written in 2015, here is an updated version of the Minecraft calendar for 2016-2017. The updated Doctor Who version can be found here.

We haven’t used a homeschool schedule in many years. It only took a short couple of years before I realized that planning was a hindrance to my son’s learning, so I stopped. The day we stopped planning was sort of a smack in my face. A big wallop to my Type A personality. My entire life has been full of meticulous schedules planned down to the minute detail. Spreadsheets and lists were my best friends. I let it all go for the sweetest 7 year old boy on the planet.

He has never liked being told what he can and cannot learn and he certainly doesn’t like being told he needs to do a certain amount of a certain subject on any given day. So instead of planning what he will be learning, I keep track of what he has learned. This may sound a little like unschooling, but my brain is still far too Type A to let it go that far.

My son knows the subjects that he is required to learn and he knows which resources are available to him. I am a curriculum and book junkie, so we have plenty of resources laying around. Beyond that, it is pretty much up to him how much he wants to do in a day. And I can honestly say that not one single day has gone by where I have had to make him do something. Because of his personality, this non-planning system of ours works brilliantly.

We use the following check sheet that lists all his subjects on the left. He’ll complete the subject and then tell me what he learned. I make brief notes about what was covered and it works like a charm.  Many of these subjects we do together, but at his age, more than half of his work is done independently.

Free Doctor Who Calendar Pages For Kids

I created both Doctor Who and Minecraft versions of our simple check sheet and monthly calendars. I am giving them away completely free…no sign up, subscribing, or following required. I know that a lot of non-homeschooling Doctor Who and Minecraft fans will see these on social media and will want to download them for use with other schooling and I don’t want to make those people subscribe to a homeschooling blog in order to do so.

Free Minecraft Calendar Pages For Kids

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  1. Jaime Hoff

    Hello, Joy! I think your Doctor Who calendar pages are seriously cute. I am printing them to use for myself (a grown-up) for my own use for my job (teacher). (Yes, they know I’m a Whovian and no, they won’t mind that I’m using kid pages. I’m kind of the office quirk.) Is there any chance that you are making more pages that would extend through the 2015-16 school year? I would be so grateful! Thanks!!

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