Doctor Who Decor

Hanging spice jars

You know you’re a fan of Doctor Who when it decorates your house. Above is a small shelf that hangs in my kitchen. I adore this shelf. The mason jar lids are screwed into the bottom of the shelf and the jars easily remove for access to 1. flax seeds 2. dried garlic 3. dried onion 4. chia seeds and 5. sesame seeds.  My husband made it for me.

I like to change what is sitting on the shelf, so sometimes it looks like the one above, but this week it looks like this…

Doctor Who decor on shelf

The little photo of River and Doctor 11 was created by Linda Kindt. The minifigures are not LEGO, although they are the same size. They are made by Character Building in the UK and can be found on Amazon.  The Silhouette of Doctor 11 was my own creation, using Photoshop. He is filled with random words from Doctor Who such as Raxacoricofallapatorius, Stormageddon, mummy, and wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Doctor Who silhouette filled with words from the show

Click the photo to download a larger version.

Doctor Who Clock

This is a clock that I made for my son’s room. It was very easy to make using Photoshop, an old clock and a screwdriver. I love the TARDIS and K9 on the ends of the clock hands.

From my archives: more items around my house

Doctor Who TARDIS Bookcase

TARDIS bookcase in 7 easy steps

Hopeless Romantic or As You Wiiiiish: Some of my favorite couples

Favorite couples. Some real, some not.  As you wiiiiish.

6' Cyberman and TARDIS from Oriental Trading. Only $35 each.

6′ cardboard cut-outs for the ultimate Doctor Who party.

Doctor Who TARDIS minifigure display

Doctor Who TARDIS minifigure display

Typography canvas - Doctor Who theme

Typography canvas with a Doctor Who theme

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