How I Made *That* Doctor Who Background Screen

How to survive college as a high schooler (5 practical tips from my son)

Last week, I wrote a sponsored post on behalf of HP called 5 Tips for Surviving Dual Credit High School, in which I showed off the laptop they sent me. This laptop is now my son’s because it is newer, lighter and faster than his old one.

Lots of you were very impressed by his desktop background.


It is not an app or anything fancy schmancy, it is just an image I made myself. It was very easy to make in Photoshop and only took me a few minutes.

I came up with this idea for my own laptop because I have a very bad habit of throwing anything and everything onto my desktop and only organizing files into proper folders about once a month. There are documents, spreadsheets, images, shortcuts to programs…you name it. So now, at least with my little sections, I can be semi-organized until I decide to clean off my desktop and file things away properly.

Belle and TARDIS Laptop

This image of Belle and the TARDIS was created by the very talented Karen Hallion and she sells prints in her Etsy store

My son is like his father, he doesn’t do this, but he still wanted a background like mine. I used an image from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

  1. Find the image you want to use.
  2. Crop it to match the resolution of your screen.
  3. Add a few colored boxes around the edges of your image. (I used the rounded rectangle tool.)
  4. Add the text that fits your interests or the things you most frequently save.
  5. Find the setting to personalize your desktop background.


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