Doctor Who Week!

Doctor Who Week at Milk and Cookies

My family and I are massive Doctor Who fans. I am a big geek at heart and Doctor Who really brings it out in me. Every day this week, in honor of the season 8 premier and the welcoming of the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, I am going to be sharing some of the latest Doctor Who items that I have made to adorn my house and bring a smile to my son’s face. I just love this kid and just want to bring joy to his life. The little things mean so much.

Uber-Geek pillow: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

I wish I had a video of my son’s reaction when I handed him this uber-geek pillow I made for him. It is very soft and pretty large at  24-inches squared.

The squares represent Doctor Who (the TARDIS), Harry Potter (Hogwart’s Crest), Star Wars (Stormtrooper helmet), and Lord of the Rings (Bilbo Baggins’ sword, Sting).

Uber-Geek pillow: Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the shapes, using plain white heat transfer vinyl. The fabric is a very thick and soft fleece, but you have to be very careful when ironing heat transfer material onto fleece because too much heat can cause it to melt. 

Star Wars : Would You Rather?

a booklet full of fun Star Wars themed questions for kids

I love this pillow so much that I want to make myself a huge pink one and add in Star Trek and Narnia and Sherlock.

DIY Doctor Who TARDIS pajamas

The pillow goes perfectly with the Doctor Who pajamas I made him last year!



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  1. I just want to grab that pillow and run far, far away with it! We are HUGE Whovians in this house, too. We’re so excited about Series 8 and Capaldi. We’d be more excited if we could get BBC America, though.

    Yay! I’m so happy to find another geek/nerd!

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