Doctor Who Bathroom

Doctor Who bathroom with glow-in-the-dark TARDIS "round things" and DIY towels.

I am convinced that we have the coolest bathroom on the planet! This is my son’s bathroom, which used to be dark green with a jungle-theme border and shower curtain. It was very nice and not baby-ish at all, and he never complained about it, but one day I was looking at the shower curtain and thought to myself, “within a couple of years, he WILL start to hate this bathroom.”

Of course, when I asked him what theme he would like, his answer was Doctor Who.

We needed 3 coats of white paint to covered the original dark green. Ugh.

The “round things” on the wall are the “round things” from the inside of the TARDIS. What are the “round things”? I have no idea, but the Doctor doesn’t even know what they are. See below.


Our round things are made of foam and painted with glow-in-the-dark paint. Yes, the round things GLOW IN THE DARK!!! Because the foam is so lightweight, we were able to stick them to the wall with 3M mounting tape.

We purchased the TARDIS shower curtain from Think Geek for $30, but you can sometimes find them on Amazon for less.

Doctor Who Towels

I made these towels myself using my Silhouette Cameo and plain white and black heat transfer vinyl. These towels are just decorative towels and are not meant to be used. While heat transfer material ironed onto t-shirts holds up really well in the washing machine, I honestly cannot say how well it holds up on terry-cloth fabric. I am too afraid to wash them.

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