DIY United States Magnets

DIY United States Magnets

Real Simple had this really cute idea to refurbish an old United States wooden puzzle into a magnetic United States wooden puzzle for the refrigerator. I found this idea at the perfect time last year – cycle 3 of Classical Conversations was just beginning and we were studying states and capitals.

However, wouldn’t it figure that in all the boxes of old toys in the basement, I could not locate our old wooden puzzle! Off to the store I went and wouldn’t it figure again, that the 2 stores I went to did not have any US puzzles. Well, like they always say: Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

Foam poster board is always on hand at my house, so with a sheet of that, an x-acto knife, some glue, adhesive magnet sheets and a printed image with all 50 states and their capitals, I created the beauty you see above.  Yes, it did take some time to cut out all these shapes, but it was well worth it. The foam is much lighter than the wooden puzzle pieces so it stays in place better on the fridge. I also did not need to use heavy thick magnets that tend to scratch stainless steel.

DIY United States Magnets

It still proudly remains hanging on our refrigerator, sans Michigan. The Ohio State rival somehow vanished into the land of the unknown, banished forever by a 10 year old Buckeye.

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