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DIY Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter invitation for kids

We have never been a big vacation family, mostly because of my former fear of flying. Driving long distances stinks, so every time we attempted to plan a fun vacation, we ended up changing our minds. All because silly little me used to be afraid to fly.

A couple of weeks after I took my first plane ride and realized it was no big deal, a Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter documentary came on TV. Our son’s eyes were glued to the TV and my husband and I looked at each other with that silent knowing look that only spouses can do. Let’s go, his eyes said to mine. And let’s fly, my eyes said back to him.

Hotels and vacation packages were researched and then eagerly purchased. Next came the fun part. Telling our son that we were giving him a dream-come-true birthday present.

I thought of the silliest way to tell him!

I snuck outside and placed the above package on the door step. A few minutes later I said, “Did you hear that? Probably UPS leaving a box. Can you get it?” He thought it was silly at first and shook his head at me like it is so ridiculous that I am trying to trick a 12-year-old into thinking owls really deliver mail. But seeing his face when he dumped out the contents and realized what it all meant was priceless.

DIY Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter invitation for kids

The perfect Harry Potter invitation:

The inside…

  • Plane tickets (not the real ones, but simple ones showing the date and destination)
  • Tickets to Universal Studios (again, fake ones)
  • A fake Universal gift card with an amount that made him grin ear-to-ear
  • 3 small chocolate bars with labels that read “In case of Dementor attack”
  • Park maps
  • Photos of the hotel and a list of special perks for staying at an on-site hotel
  • Menus for the Harry Potter restaurants

The outside…

  • The box template is found here. This type of box is called a pillow box.
  • The owl post label was found here. I just added our address below the owl. It is blurred out in the picture above.
  • The owl post stamp was found here. If you do not like these images, a quick search on Pinterest turns up more. That is how I found these two.
  • Twine – found in my garage 🙂
  • Clip-on owl – found at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas ornament section.


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  1. Jennifer H

    We went last year in March. It was awesome. Long lines for Harry Potter stuff, but meant shorter lines everywhere else. We spent 3 days – one at each park, then the last day going back just to ride our favorites. You are sure to have a lot of fun!

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