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My son’s 15th birthday has come and gone. You know that phrase “I just can’t even” that people love to make fun of? Well, my son is almost of driving age and I just can’t even. But this post is not about how I can’t even, but about his birthday presents. We tend to spoil him…you know, just to feed into the whole only child myth. Because of that, I often run out of ideas for gifts, since he has everything already. I blame my mom too. After all, her love language is gift giving and she loves to spoil her grandkids rotten.

Create Your Own Fandom Subscription Boxes

In the past, a popular subscription box company sold themed Doctor Who and Star Wars boxes, which we bought and my son LOVED, but most of the time, their themes are general and contain a mixture of amazing items from different fandoms. Some of those themes he had never heard of or has no interest in. Since he absolutely loved the ones we purchased in the past, I made my own “subscription boxes” for his birthday with themes that I knew he’d like.

The boxes are covered with vinyl and can be reused as storage bins.

I chose Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter.

What You’ll Need:

  • File storage boxes with lids, also known as banker’s boxes. Amazon has a great deal – 6 boxes for only $10.40. This is much cheaper than the stores I went to. 3 for this year and 3 for next year.
  • Rolls of self-adhesive vinyl, in whatever color or design will match your theme. A wood pattern like this is what I used for the Harry Potter box. It made the box resemble a trunk.
  • Decorations for the boxes. Ideas: stickers, vinyl cutouts, images printed on paper and glued.
  • Tissue paper to wrap each item in.
  • Lots of goodies for each box. Keep reading to see what I put in ours.

For each box I tried to include:

  • several T-shirts
  • a Funko Pop figure
  • chocolate or candy
  • a book
  • a replica item
  • something fun

How to Make the Boxes

  1. Assemble the file storage box and lid following the instructions printed on the box. I have zero visual-spatial skills so this was actually hard for me to follow. However, after the first one, it was a breeze.
  2. Cover the outside of the box with self-adhesive vinyl. You’ll probably get frustrated at some point while doing this, but that is ok. Don’t worry about being perfect and don’t fret about creases, you’re bound to end up with some. Just take your time and remove a little bit of the backing at a time as you are wrapping the box.
  3. Cover the lid with the vinyl, too.
  4. Decorate the box and lid with whatever you desire.
    • For the Doctor Who box, I printed out my son’s name in a Gallifreyan font and glued that to the lid. I also used my Silhouette Cameo and white vinyl to make common symbols like an Adipose, Dalek, Cyberman, the crack in the universe, K9, etc. I stuck those on each side of the box.
    • For the Harry Potter box, I printed out the Hogwarts crest and glued that to the lid. I cut out the deathly hallows symbol and I stuck one on each side of the box.
    • For the Star Wars box, I cut out common symbols like BB-8, various helmets, a TIE fighter, etc, from black vinyl, and I stuck those on each side of the box, including the lid. Looking back, I wish I had used white or even red, because black doesn’t show up as well on the dark vinyl I used to cover the box.

The Doctor Who Subscription Box

Create Your Own Doctor Who Subscription Box
T-shirts: TeePublic is one of my favorite places to find the most original T-shirts! Here are the shirts I placed in the Doctor Who box…

Create Your Own Doctor Who Subscription Box

Whoops, that British chocolate was for the Harry Potter box! Wrong photo placement.
A Funko Pop figure: Funko POP Eleventh Doctor

Chocolate or candy: bag of Jelly Babies

Books:  Doctor Who: Official Guide on How to be a Time Lord and Doctor Who: A History of Humankind: The Doctor’s Official Guide

A replica item: 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver

Something fun: Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set

The Harry Potter Subscription Box

Create Your Own Harry Potter Subscription Box

T-shirts: Here are the shirts I placed in the Harry Potter box… all of these came from TeePublic…

Create Your Own Harry Potter Subscription Box
A Funko Pop figure: Funko POP Severus Snape

Chocolate or candy: British Chocolate Variety Pack (Rolos, Aero, Munchies, Toffee Crisp, Kit Kat, Yorkie)

These printable boxes filled with mini chocolate bars.

Books:  Hogwarts Library (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard)

A replica item: Replica wands. There is an Ebay seller in Singapore who has dozens of styles of very high quality replica wands for only a few dollars each, with free shipping. I was skeptical at first because they were so inexpensive, but I ordered the Elder Wand after reading the reviews. As soon as it arrived, I was so impressed that I ordered three more styles. (Sirius Black $6.39, Horace Slughorn $6.19, Voldemort $6.98, Elder Wand $6.55, all with free shipping and a cushioned storage box.)

Create Your Own Harry Potter Subscription Box

Replica Marauder’s Map You can also find replica Marauder’s Maps for less than $10. I bought one for only $4.25.

Something fun: Harry Potter Audiobooks, narrated by Jim Dale. I downloaded these, put them all on a thumb drive, and placed the thumb drive in this envelope.

Create Your Own Harry Potter Subscription Box

The Star Wars Subscription Box

Create Your Own Star Wars Subscription Box

T-shirts: Here are the shirts I placed in the Star Wars box… again, all from TeePublic…

Create Your Own Star Wars Subscription Box

A Funko Pop figure: Funko POP FN-2199 Trooper and Funko POP Boba Fett

Chocolate or candy: 20-Flavor Star Wars Jelly Bellies with First Order Snowspeeder LEGO Set

Books:  Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle and Star Wars: Complete Locations

Something fun: Star Wars Lightsaber Flatware Utensil Set (Includes Luke Fork, Yoda Spoon, and Vader Knife)

Back in February, Humble Bundle offered a bundle of 14 Star Wars games for the PC. It is no longer available, but might be back in the future.

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I recently a Doctor Who/Harry Potter party for my daughter’s 14th because she couldn’t decide which she liked best. These would have been a great hit! Perhaps I could start gathering now for Christmas…

  2. This is an amazing idea! My daughter turns 13 in a few weeks and is obsessed with Harry Potter. She just started watching Dr. Who so I bet she’ll be addicted soon. I’m totally making one of these boxes for her birthday!

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