Create Your Own 221B Baker Street Door

How to Create Your Own 221B Baker Street Door

This is the door leading from our garage into our house. Coming home is like walking into Sherlock’s apartment.

I created this on a whim one day and didn’t even tell my husband what I was planning. He was delightfully surprised to pull into the garage and see the freshly painted door black door (it used to be white) and homemade, but very realistic house numbers.

It has been about 2 months and not a single neighbor has commented on it. Maybe they are just minding their own business and have not noticed it since our garage door is rarely up.


Making the gold 221B was a breeze! Would you like to see how?

If you have a Silhouette Cameo, this will go even faster, but you can use a sharp craft knife instead. However, your hand will probably get tired from all the deep cutting.


Since I discovered this method of making your own chipboard, I have been saving cereal and pasta boxes. Chipboard is just a general name for thicker cardboard like paper. With this method, you can make the letters and numbers as thick as you want. My 221B was create with 4 layers of cereal box cardboard.

I trimmed the boxes and liberally taped them down to my cutting mat. Be sure to use a lot of tape, as they will slide.


Cardboard is thick, so you want to turn your blade up as high as it will go, to setting 10. When you are getting ready to cut out the letters and numbers, be sure to choose chipboard – double cut – thickness: 33 – speed: between 1-3


Cut out at least 4 sets of every single letter and number you need. For mine, I ended up with 8 twos, 4 ones, and 4 Bs.


Using Mod Podge, glue all the layers together. Don’t worry about getting your fingers sticky, you’ll need to get messy in order to make sure all the characters are lined up perfectly.


After the Mod Podge has dried, take your characters outside and spray paint them any color you wish. Sherlock’s door numbers are gold. You’ll need to venture outside 4 times to spray paint…coat #1 on the front side, coat #2 on the front side, coat #1 on the back side, and lastly coat #2 on the back side.

I used double sided adhesive to attach the 221B to the painted black door.

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