Coolest LEGO Flashlight Ever


THE coolest flashlight ever. Right? Look at those teeny tiny LEGO minifigures, cut out with precision with the Silhouette CAMEO. This is just a plain black cardstock circle, measured to fit inside your favorite flashlight. Using the CAMEO, I cut out 9 little LEGO men within the circle. We have also done this with stars, letters in my son’s name, and swirls.

Silhouette America offers a very special educator discount and I’d like to encourage you to go look around their website and sign up for this opportunity.




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  1. Amanda

    When I tried to sign up for the educator’s discount, it would not let me register unless I added a teacher’s certificate or non-profit certification. Is there a secret to signing up as a homeschool teacher? I don’t have either of those, but would welcome the educator’s discount. Thanks!

    • Amy

      Amanda, I just emailed you. You can scan in a copy of the letter you receive from your school district. Do you live in a state where you have to register with your district when you homeschool?

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