Christmas Tree of Literature

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

I think I am obsessed with making mini Christmas trees. And do you know how HARD it is for me to put these away every year! However, I know that if I left them out all year, not only would my friends and family think I was weird, but I am sure the trees would lose their appeal after a few months. Then Christmas wouldn’t hold the excitement of getting out the trees.

My latest tree pays tribute to my love of books.

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

These are actually quite easy to make since you don’t actually make the books, you just add your favorite covers.

Step one:

Purchase some mini dollhouse books. You can buy them on Amazon and receive 16 books for $8.89 (with free Prime shipping.) You can also find them at Hobby Lobby (about $4 for 8 books.)

Step two:

Make a list of the books you want. I chose the following:

Step three:

Go to Google Images and search “full book cover [insert the name of the book]”. I was able to find full (front and back) book covers for almost all of my books. If you cannot find a full cover, just save the front cover.

Step four:

If you need to make any back covers, you’ll need to use a program like Photoshop. If you do not own Photoshop, you can download a reputable, but free, alternative to Photoshop called GIMP.

Photoshop covers

The mini books are 0.625″ x 0.875″ in size. Including the small spine of the book, that means that your entire full cover needs to be 1.375″ in width x 0.875″ in height.

Once you shrink your cover down to 0.875″ in height, you can expand the canvas of the image and fill it in with a complimentary color, like I did above.

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

Step five:

Print out your little covers, cut them out, and grab your Mod Podge and a small brush. Use a thin layer of Mod Podge, secure the front cover onto the book, wrap the spine and back cover around the rest of the book, and then let it dry. Mod Podge dries pretty fast! When you are sure it is dry, give your books a light coating on the cover to make them shine. Be careful not to get any on the pages or they will stick together.

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

Step six:

I wanted to hang these on my mini Christmas tree, but only temporarily. After Christmas is over, I would like to remove the books and place them on a shelf somewhere. So the ornament hooks could not be permanently attached to the books.

I used a small piece of tape to stick the hook to the inside back cover of the book. Since the books are so lightweight, a piece of tape actually held the hook in place just fine!

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books


Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

Christmas Tree of Literature With Mini Books

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