Christmas Science: Astronomy

Christmas Science: Astronomy

Welcome to my series on Christmas science, in which we’ve covered chemistry,  zoology, and geography. Today is all about astronomy.

You may not think there is much that astronomy has to do with Christmas, but there is! While our modern view of Christmas has become all about glittery trees, feet of snow, candy canes, gingerbread houses and presents, the real Christmas is all about CHRIST. Nowadays we know 100% that Jesus was not born on December 25th, but it’s a wonderful thing that we do have a day set aside to celebrate his birth, even though it is not technically the day of his birth.

The Star of Bethlehem

The study of Christmas astronomy should be centered around the Star of Bethlehem and the night sky during the time of the birth of Jesus. There are a couple absolutely wonderful documentaries that fascinated us.  The evidence is overwhelming and I cannot recommend these more highly.

  • The Star of Bethlehem. This presentation, has rapidly grown in popularity around the world by thousands who have seen this dramatic revelation as it explores the exciting truth of scripture and reveals the evidence for God’s existence as seen in the stars above. Presenter Rick Larson walks you through Biblical and historical clues revealing the incredible significance of this celestial event as well as the vastness of God s creativity. Produced by Stephen McEveety (Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ).

    Available on DVD for $9.29 or on Netflix DVD.

  • A Christmas Star. Is the star of Bethlehem a myth or did it really appear in the Judea night-sky at the time of Christ’s birth? In the light of the most recent scientific discoveries, this film examines the historical evidence and reaches some quite startling and exciting conclusions, raising questions about the date of Christ’s birth itself, the basis of our calendar.

    Rent at Amazon for $2.99.

The Moon

Another fun documentary is Apollo 8: Christmas at the Moon. Follow the events of the historic Apollo 8 voyage in this fascinating documentary. CHRISTMAS AT THE MOON includes insights from both NASA’s behind the scenes workers and the astronauts who partook in NASA’s second voyage to space. This documentary is available for free with Amazon Prime or to rent for $1.99.

What will Christmas be like on Mars?

If the Mars One mission becomes a reality, in 2027, a team of 4 humans will spend their first Christmas on Mars. What will it be like? Since Mars is tilted on its axis like the Earth, the planet does have seasons. Winter lasts 4 months, while summer lasts 6 months. However, the summer months are still very cold and may not top -4 F, so you can imagine how cold winter probably gets!

For more information about winter on Mars, read through this article with your kids.

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